Soulmates & Misconceptions

Everybody has this wonderful idea that there is someone, out there, who is the perfect match for them.

I see many writing in their profile that they are looking for "their", or "a" soulmate.
Well, that´s just a dream. daydream

Our souls, prior to ever incarnating on the earth, divided themselves into male and female, each soul having its own experience. Our soulmate is our other half.
Although they are independent of each other, they are ONE

Our chances of ever meeting our soulmate, in this lifetime, maybe one to a thousand or ten thousand...?

Our soulmate could be living in another dimension/plane of existence and, if being on the earth at the same time as we are. they may be living on the other side of the world, may be of a different age, and could very well be at a different level of spiritual development.

Furthermore, if we ever get in contact with them at some time, during this lifetime, we will never have a romantic, or sëxual relationship with them.
We might be able to continue the journey together, one helping the other to grow, but that´s about it.

Do you still want to find your soulmate? dunno hmmm

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Excuse me now for saying this Dani, but what's the point in finding your soulmate if you can't jump their bones.... I mean what a frustrating journey that would be conversing

Better to have not, than have but do without blushing

Liking your new picture wave
Well, Dani, I have a different view on the matter.
The soulmate can be anyone who comes in to our life to teach us something or to learn something from us.
We have many soulmates without even realising it as we go through life.
And it isn't always related to love, but surely have the intention to make us value love and love ourselves and others in a more universal way.
Perfection doesn't belong to the human nature but the feeling of meeting a soulmate can very well be just what a human believes perfections is.
Let's not put a frame on what one can believe and should believe.
We can create miracles if we want to, why not a relationship that feels perfect to us...handshake
Done! thumbs up
"Jump their bones"?
But...nobody says you cannot, only it won't be romantic dunno

Besides, they could be much younger/older than you

The pic? It is from last year. Thanks teddybear
Thanks for your opinion, Ten.

The "soulmates" you're referring to are "kindred spirits", or from your soul group, with whom you have a spiritual connection.

Sorry to disappoint you.dunno
Nice view Cups handshake
people come into our lives for different reasons but I do view soulmates as different, with more depth and meaning with a sense of belonging like no other...JMO wine
I meant to add...
The above info is not my view, but....a revelation.
That's right Itchygirl, your soulmate is your other half...your masculine side.

You probably get a feeling of "coming home"
Then if not romantic the bones you are jumping are not them of your soulmate....
would I be right in saying their Misconceptions or whatever of some sort confused dunno

your welcome, still beautiful hair as always wine
"being home" and lost in the wilderness when not....
a lot to be said for that saying " home is where the heart is" heart wings
Yes, that too. smitten
You're very flattering blushing
I have my moments wink

Now I must change from flattering to fluttering off, so till again .. be good wine
Soulmates are people you interact with on the path of soul growth.
I am not referring to kindred spirits, soulmates are not always people who come to you with good intentions as most people learn the hard way.
Nothing to disappoint me here.
As you said it is your "revelation" not everyone's revelation.
You can not expect everyone to be precise in their wording.
But as a matter of fact they are right in a way to search for a soulmate instead of a twin flame, because they are not ready and they need someone to teach them few more lessons.
The masculine and feminine connection or the Twin flame connection happens when two people are wholesome.
They are on a higher level and they don't need anyone to fulfill them.
This is where most people go wrong. They expect to find their half, which actually comes to show them two half people won't make a wholesome and fulfilling One.
You can still disagree and that's fine, we are all entitled to our own vision and opinion, no need to force it on others or call them wrong... Right?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing celtic thats the physical affect nice it might be (if i remember) teddybear
yep agree dan -soulmate confused i just think they mean a good partner with some things they can enjoy together.

A deeper meaning of soulmate confused is there one

Take care now teddybear
The interesting thing about soulmates is how often they live in the same block of flats instead of being from a village in Africa. It's like reincarnation. Who were you in a past life? Always an Elvis or an Abraham Lincoln and never a German toilet cleaner. You'd think that 19th century German toilet cleaners had no soul.
Anyway.... I wish to thank all of you for your comments - and personal opinions.

This blog was not really open for debate, but mostly for information sharing.

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