Joe Biden tests positive for Covid for the 2nd time this month

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That's so ODD!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think that reptilian clones could GET COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the guy who claimed if we got jabbed we wouldn't get or spread the rona.

I guess they'll have to change the definition of a vaccination next-right after they change recession.
Biden has covid?! Ya'll know that many people, especially older people, have negative effects on memory and brain processes after covid. It could go either way: 1) Either he already is so far gone, nobody'll notice any difference; 2) It could make things much worse (ie, he could forget which country is signing his, wait; he could forget which country he has allegiance, that's isn't it either; he could forget which country he is President of! Yes, I think that's right! ;)

dunno confused help sigh liar shock sick redclown foot in mouth crazy elephant wow frustrated drinking
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Right after they change the definition of President....oh, that's right, they just did!
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