flossing your teeth is important

I once had an old timer dentist tell me, he told me that cavities start from in between the teeth. He said, that is why flossing is so important.

I just had my latest check up and cleaning. Many times when I have went in, I have the hygentist ask me what I do with my teeth. I tell them floss once a day, brush once a day, and use a whitening mouthwash. They are always impressed.

I never learned that cavities start in between the teeth...I thought that was very useful information.

Happy Saturday to all.

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True...but not nearly as important as learning the chemistry behind commercial tooth paste..

Glycerin...which is found in 100% of store bought brands..performs a rather Unusual function..
Flossing is important for gum health as it removes plaque before it builds up between teeth along the gum line. In addition to floss, I also use a waterpik water flosser and brush several times a day. Gum disease is associated with increased risk of developing heart disease.

I heard some people just eat a crunchy apple once a day or a milk bone made for dogs to chew, and there you go! The teeth stay clean and good for a long time. Cool, huh? grin
You need to brush & floss your teeth more than once a day
o*al hygiene is the first thing people look at in another person.
Hello AB,

That is very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello Bass,

I used to use a water pick. I did like it until it stopped working. laugh

I agree, gum health is very important.

laugh Robert,

Love it...chewy dog biscuits to keep one's teeth clean. I am going to buy a box tonight.


Hello Merc,

I agree...they say to brush your teeth at least three times a day...I have not heard too much about flossing more then once a day though. dunno I do the floss and brush once, and sometimes twice a day. So far so good.

Have you thought about chewy dog biscuits?


Hello FS4E,

Hmmm, I have never thought about that. But you might be right on that...it seems like terrible dental hygiene does happen to get noticed, just automatically, by me. hmmm Not to mention, I heard somebody having a cavity can have bad breath...not to mention the terrible hygiene bad breath.

...kind of hard to miss that with a first conversation with somebody. laugh

Unless you have Covid. idea laugh

Hi Johnny laugh

I only floss before going to bed

I brush my teeth up four times a day..Two of those times is when I'm at work after morning tea & lunch

I also scrub my tongue..I also gargle with mouth wash..I also spray a mouth freshener because I'm very particular with my hygiene especially when interacting with clients

I reckon you would have bad breath..I reckon you would have fur on your tongue so maybe maybe you best get chomping on those doggy biscuits laugh
Merc....that reminds me. I do brush my tongue as well....also, I brush the roof of my mouth. I encourage you to do that once and then clean your toothbrush under water and with your hand. You will be surprised at what you find.

Can a man have a hairy tongue? I suppose...if the woman does not shave. rolling on the floor laughing

Johnny Sparton ~ My teeth are very very close together. I have great difficulty flossing, I buy those expensive things you grip and put through each tooth. Sometimes they get stuck. I can't use floss .

I use an electric toothbrush, stay away from sugar and have my teeth cleaned professionally twice a year.
We can only do our best.grin

Don't forget to clean the gums too, Many heart attacks, Arthritis, strokes come from inflamed and gum disease that goes unnoticed. I am noticing many young people have dreadful breaths, I am wondering why since there has never been such an emphasis on Teeth and people have expensive work done [ dental implants ] and yet the diet of some people causes their breath to be vile and their lack of mouth hygiene.
Good blog.

I have an electric toothbrush that is always on charge..I take it to work..I also have a separate toothbrush for my tongue as well as the roof of my mouth..After rinsing my brushes I soak them in mouth wash at home for about 15 minutes..My tongue doesn't get the chance to have a build up of gunk..My mouth tastes so fab if a man or woman was to kiss me on the lips they would have multiple o*gasm.

You must need a jackhammer to get rid of that gunk on your tongue laugh
Yep. I haven’t needed a dentist in a year since my hygienist told me to put mouthwash in my water pick basin. Total game changer.
Wow Merc...your mouth is pretty damn clean. Perhaps one day I could apply that kiss test...and the hairy tongue test too. laugh

jackhammer.....doh laugh
Hello Mermaid....that is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. Maybe it is time for me to go shopping for another pik. thumbs up


a friend of mine, Earl Filter, he doesn't floss at all. After he cheated on his wife a few years back, she punched him and he now has false teeth. No more toothaches, no more flossing and so on.
Cool, huh? beer

I know people who took real good care of their teeth all their lives, but as they got older, the teeth began to chip or crack when they ate. Others had their enamel feel weak like rubber. They never thought they'd lose teeth or have to have a cap, crown or missing a teeth or false teeth. professor
Hey Robert,

That is pretty cool. I think you still have to soak them and clean them. Perhaps in time, I will find out and let you know. dunno According to some on here, my hygiene sucks. laugh

I heard the same thing about old age and teeth. Maybe this blog will uncover the fountain of youth for teeth. I think you chew dog biscuits have the best chance at cheating the effects of old age on our teeth. laugh


Scientifically, when people get a wedgie in their rear from their shorts or swim shorts or bikini bottom being too snug, is that considered a form of cavity flossing in another part of the body? confused
Robert, I really had to think about that a bit...and I suspect as they are "flossing"...as long as they are getting all the chunks out...they are indeed, "flossing". laugh

That is discussing! Err, I mean disgusting! doh


whatever happened to the fun blogs that would get 100 comments, and every comment was fun or crazy or both? grin

And the 100th commentor would get steak knives or some kind of imaginary gift.
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