Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ VII ]

Chapter I:

“As long as they serve the plan, each of them, from leaders to common people, are needed, as they have assigned roles until final outcome, the tyranny when everyone can be released. Until that time, all and everything it is a flux of a chaotic environment, where the parameters being changed as the flow goes, like in a cube where fingers can spin each box in every direction, to align colors, in patterns, random combinations meant to create for each turn, a different temporary outcome, whereas the steps move forward to implementation of order. Like the same quote with Ordo ab Chao, the renewal process occurs, reshaping the world and once with it, the modern society. The total collapse of everything is imminent, but the final blow is given at the right moment and time, as only then, the Reality will hit like a tsunami entire planet, and the eyes of the crowds open to their slavery. There is no turning back, but just a push forward, agendas meet and converge according to the ruling state of things. Crowds are gradually chained by the same invisible web in which the spider builds it like a great architect, then moving aside, awaiting the prey. On the chessboard of the masters of the world, all becomes an amusement park, foreground, foreplay, background gray…
People are being trained since childhood in obedience to their masters. Many are like those who being blindfolded, can’t recognize the difference between the shadow and the darkness, serving their purpose, each of them with a task given to be accomplished, a new norm, a new timer to tick until completion, a different assignment in which to find a comfort zone or a personal space like a bubble, then all to diverge to other directives, world being divided into those who give the orders and those who follow orders. The compliance of the masses has been prepared cleverly and with cunning, so that whenever they think – majority – that’s the right choice, that action being taken, over their will being on charge, to actually have been what has been decided for them, in purpose, intuitively knowing that there is a pack of choices and each will pick the right stick, press the exact same button upon repetition, and the process of will-bending, mind-twisting, channeling and action, is done through stages, over and over again, - a training into preparing the slave to serve the master. Many of the people that have been trained this way, have absolutely no capacity of discernment, even if in their front will be placed all the evidences that are being mind-controlled, and still, they will refuse to acknowledge, - that’s how deeper the program went, in their case. While the many others, are susceptible to a different awakening, in a distortion, this time, channeling through events, but remaining trapped in the same loop, over and over again, or a loop within a loop while parameters being changed. And then, a few, irrelevant as number, who could distinguish up to a level what’s really going on, but immediately removed from society by the very guardians who watch on shifts how the inmates behave and what’s rolling down the quarters. A worldwide prison, and lunatics asylum…”

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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