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Republicans like to compare their favorite president with the other guy leaving out some important details. Maybe you remember Jim stating that Obama fixed lots of things and was getting the economy in a positive direction. Remember?
Trump comes along and rides the crest of the wave. He takes credit for anything good and sure enough Republicans forget how we got there. So lots of things happen in four years and the newly elected president inherits lots of problems that were building that he didn't create. Oh, I expect the usual handful of 'believers' to start in... grand, are you back yet?
When Obama was campaigning, I remember a blogger calling him 'an empty suit' and that he would fail miserably.

It must have been around that time I blogged about the Presidential simulator.
What a great idea. Test you knowledge and skills needed to run a country.

If you want to be a pilot, you need hundreds of hours on a flight simulator BEFORE you are allowed to actually fly with an instructor to solo for your license.

In the early days of PC computers I had a program called BABY. It was a simulator yo rate yourself being a nanny. You've got a baby, food, diapers, wake time, sleep time, accidents, your energy level and have to go through taking care of the baby.
It was tough... really tough to keep the baby fed, clean, rested without running out of energy.

A friends kid had a simulator program called CITY and many of the same scenarios.were involved. Budgets, taxes, population, traffic, utilities, crime, police manpower, etc. Literally everything one would encounter running a city.
Hopefully, they had parameters for difficulty so you have a chance of a steep learning curve.

Many presidents are attorneys and achieved some professional level into politics, like being a current governor running for president. People have to rely on trust the person running for office will be the right choice. Too bad it's not so cut & dry as lots of great ideas from either side get blocked by the opposite side.

In my own business, I was able to take an existing plan and improve on it. What I didn't like was upper management making changes without consulting me... the person they put in charge of the operation. That's a topic for another blog.

Indeed, the Presidential simulator would be an extremely complex program to train on and the data would have to be as accurate as possible.
Russia taking Ukraine, funds and weaponry to the calculations, What European countries have to offer aid, limits, etc. Changing one date or parameter a percent or two could totally affect the simulation outcome. Chip shortages, ships with perishables in containers circling the port waiting for truckers to cease protesting and get back to work.
Step up, it's your turn at the Presidential simulator...
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A presidential stimulator would be a dildo with Trumps head as the head
Oh Merc... it's SIM and not STIM. laugh
Hope I'm still on topic.
I heard there is another party that will add its voice to the 2024 election. Apparently this party will meet both the Red and Blue half way in all respects.
If this is true it's something the US really could benefit from.

It will strengthen Trumps hand by taking off the never Trumpers who would vote against him and won't help the DNC either . Jill Stein did the same 2016 , adding her vote to the DNC had Trump behind in enough key states . We would be half way through Hillary's last term had it not been for Stein .
obozo as "potus" is documented in the gov. site. about a 1.6% growth rate the whole 8 years. he was worthless. kept the economy choked while putting more taxes, fines, regulation, and mandates on the people.

he also stoked racism and the cause of black lives matter coming about. that's when the riots, looting, burning, murders of police and more actually spiked. terrorism got a huge leg up and more. obozo even lied to college students saying if he could bring jobs back he would and that his track record was the norm. so trump's magic wand was mentioned. obozo did fail the u.s. but not terrorists or their supporting nations.

every one still lies or thinks he did a good job. he did nothing but add more debt. jobs were starting to partially come back in 2010 and it had nothing to do with anything obozo or bush did. they just added debt. both bailing out the banks and such that should have been allowed to die or survive on their own with tax payer money. and the deficit still continues to rise. but the allowed spending falls squarely on the shoulders of congress for not keeping it checked. tax payers are the money tree even though it's obvious the tree isn't limitless.

there was no crest wave for trump to ride. only policies that needed to be reversed, renegotiated, and squashed for the country to start thriving again. an actual campaign promise keeper, so hated through massively negative coverage, people can't accept the truth to this day.

the closest thing to a simulator are people that don't seem to be the primary candidates for congress or any where important. career politicians shouldn't be allowed as long as they are but they won't cut their own throats to do the right thing(s) where they should.

business people are the closest you're going to get. small and large. sometimes things are harsh or go south. once the learning curve is done and they still survive to actually grow, now they have a clue as what to do and how to do them. that is a real life test as how they might perform in charge of something much larger.
Obama’s legacy is as a disappointingly conventional president
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More than a decade on from his historic election victory to become the first African American president, to many, in light of President Trump’s election, Barack Obama is the epitome of what a president should be. David Wise writes that despite the 44th president’s electoral successes, President Obama stumbled in areas many Progressives hold dear, such as continuing drone strikes, not taking the big banks to task following the 2008 financial crash, and by failing to consolidate his electoral coalition before pushing his signature Obamacare reform.

The current struggle between the ascendant progressive and establishment wings of the Democratic Party has its roots in past disappointments. Bill Clinton attained his presidency by steering away from the party’s New and Fair deal roots to embrace big donors from the financial world and business. Barack Obama, who ran as an agent of change, too often adopted policies from both of his immediate predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In 2016 the party offered warmed over Clintonism served up by a wholly ineffective candidate. Now, Progressives are saying loud and clear that they will not be taken for granted and expected to digest more leftovers out of the view that they have no choice given that Trump will be the only other item on the menu.

The truth is that Barack Obama was a good president – in a less contentious environment he could have been a great president – but he was also a disappointment. The first signs of this were after gaining the nomination on the wings of grass roots support and small donors – in a campaign whose slogans were “Yes We Can” and “Change You Can Believe In” –he abandoned his pledge to run his general election campaign on public financing in favor of going the route of big donors.

As the first African American nominee of a major political party and then as president, Obama came into the office with pressures and expectations unique to that fact. Some people criticized him out of bigotry and others put off by the almost messianic expectations and perceived elitism of some of his followers. Obama made some missteps early on that played into the hands of his detractors from the Greek columns at his acceptance speech to what was essentially a large campaign rally in Berlin, a spot from which only sitting presidents – JFK, Reagan – had delivered memorable addresses. But the award of a Nobel Peace Prize only months into office sent a message of hubris and elitism. Obama would have been well-advised to decline the honor with a statement that although he would hope to one day earn it, he had not done so yet.

Unfortunately, in his eight years in office, President Obama never did earn that prize. His efforts to wind down the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and to close Guantanamo were halting or dashed. Although he did seek peaceful resolutions in dealing with potential conflicts with Iran and China through a successful international nuclear accord on the former and through a pivot to Asia and a trade agreement (TPP) to counterbalance China (both foolishly abandoned by the current administration). His administration nevertheless committed the same mistakes from the Iraq War in the regime change brought about though force in Libya. Another error was in encouraging demonstrations in Maidan Square in Ukraine contrary to an agreement for a peaceful transition that had just been negotiated. Both actions generated distrust and enmity of the Russians with whom he had pledged a “reset” upon taking office. Most distressing, for a Nobel laureate, was not merely the continuation but the acceleration of the policy of drone warfare and targeted assassination described in the best-selling book Dirty Wars.
Jenny, I got the feeling that was all copy & paste.
Yes, you are right Chat, that is okay as long as I agree with it..............
We know someone who did nothing else but copy and paste you never mention it then..........peace
Actually, the guy you reference quoted the source for the copy & paste materials on his blogs.
He's gone now. Happy?
A few weeks ago lindsyjones made it clear on someone's blog that it's not acceptable.
She carries lots of weight on blogs, so in future, it's best to post that link.
Chat I only used Jim because he always copied and paste so why are you now having a problem with it?
It had nothing to do with if I like him gone or not.
You seem to be angry I just don't understand why.
And you would NEVER copy and paste would you?

almost the entire blog you started claiming "only jesus claimed he was the son of god" is filled with C&P, yet you never cite the source and try to claim you were the originator of the quotes used.

Not a very Christian thing to do.

Oh and many people have claimed to be the son of God, So jesus was not the only onedoh
Bummer laugh
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