do you feel sleepy while driving

Whenever I drive, after 20 kms I start falling asleep. When I try to sleep by stopping the car, the sleep disappears and when I try to start the car and proceed, it starts falling asleep again. This is a very strange and dangerous situation.

I have found solution to this problem.
Whenever I drive after eating cooked food, I feel sleepy, but if I do not eat cooked food, stay empty stomach or eat raw food (fruits) then I do not sleep.
I came to know from naturopathy doctor in youtube that eating cooked food makes lethargic but eating raw food (fruits) does not make anyone lethargic.
Now whenever I have to drive more than 20 or 30 kms, I do not eat cooked food.
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Am happy for you that you found the problem as you said before the situation was very dangerous...handshake ...........................................jenny
By the way, I have become accustomed to driving in my sleepy condition for many years. I can easily drive a car at a speed of 40 to 50 km/h in sleepy condition, on a single road.
Now I am very happy to get the solution.
Falling asleep while driving is seriously dangerous. Not only for you, but to others should your vehicle veer into oncoming traffic.

The condition related to energy drain after eating food is a smaller part of the problem.
What are your sleep habits? Do you wake during the night, toss and turn often?
Are you tired when you get up or doze off a few times during the day?

My suggestion is to start with your primary care doctor to discuss apnea.
I think, it's Motion-Sleepiness.
Because when I try to sleep by stopping the car, I can't sleep at all.
You're talking to someone who fell asleep riding a motorcycle back in the 80's. Yep a moment I'll never forget!angel
Thanks for sharing this interesting knowledge I finally found the reason for my long-distance driving sleepiness, lol
It's not the issue with "cooked food" that makes you sleepy, but rather processed food - the more processed and high in sat-fats, trans-fats, short-molecular sugars (cane and other processed sugars) AKA processed carbs, the more of a strain it is for your body to process, tiring out your body (and brain), raises your blood sugar and adds difficult to metabolize fats into it. Most store-bought foods have all that in them. I have stopped eating like that for a few years now, only making my own foods with the exception of tofu, which I add a little but mostly eating whole starches such as potatoes, mixed cooked veggies and fruit mixes, bananas, apples - they will keep your energy levels up without spiking your blood sugar. Small amounts of rice and bread (a slice) added is also ok, but they are processed foods, so keep them to a minimum. I can concentrate for a whole day without needing a nap during the day anymore, not even getting sleepy. Also staying hydrated with water and occasional tea - forget the diet cokes or other processed garbage drinks, energy drinks will also only work for so long.
I does feel sleepy when I am in meetings.. As soon as the person start to talk.. After 10 minutes of talking I start to feel sleepy.. I wonder what causes that..
Try fruit fasting one day.
Try this experiment one day.
Do not eat cooked food, eat only raw food like fruits, salad.
And see whether you feel sleepy or not in the meeting on the day of fruit fasting?
Sounds like you need a less boring car to drive.
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