He loved her so much...

He loved her so much, when she died he had her buried at the first tee to his golf course.
That qualifies tax write-offs as the golf course is also a cemetery.


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After all, she had her own family - Trump wasn't even her husband anymore and after him she was remarried (... so no comment?
Biden buried his first wife next to a elementary school playground laugh
If there is a cemetery on your property it cannot be seized. Smart. thumbs up
Interesting point.
Maybe he should bury all his friends and family on his properties.
He could start selling 'after life plots' for $50,000 each.
What a great idea!
first of all, it was nothing new. or even a sudden idea.

secondly, don trump sr. himself wouldn't have any say in her burial or arrangements for ivana. only the three children they had together and maybe they would allow other family from her side if any around or alive.

Doesn't matter who sez what, Trump is a born businessman. laugh
You're defending Trumps actions... again.
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