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This is not a gun blog.
Photos on social media are growing exponentially. We have Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest to name a few. With hundreds of millions of photos online, who is watching to see what belongs and what doesn't? I'm guessing many of these sites are using specialized image recognition software to compare photos and when it finds something in violation the photo gets deleted.

I remember a time when news media censured anyone holding up their middle finger aka 'shooting a bird' I believe most dating sites also ban members from using photos displaying the middle finger. If you are from another planet, I'll explain... that means fu*k you to the recipient of that gesture. Not a nice thing.

However, I've seen lots of Instagram models 'shooting birds' and I consider that the upmost disrespect. You're a top model at a gorgeous island doing a photo shoot and like a rapper in the alley of a ghetto you have to shoot a bird to your viewers?

Not only the model but the photographer and whoever is hosting the site must be approving that... whoever is paying for advertising lets it happen?
If it were my money and you did that stunt, I'd have Anthony (Billy Mummy) from a scene in Twilight zone turn you into a Jack-in-the-box and wish you into the cornfield.

I'm voicing my opinion as it's a total breakdown in respect. 500 thousand viewers on a models site and she flips them a bird? Do it and get banned. It's as simple as that.
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What's a " married" guy doing looking at Instagram models
anyway Chat? confused Does your " wife" know about this Chat?
I actually flipped off two people today in traffic. One wouldn't let me over when I was trying to make a right hand turn . The other driving slow wouldn't use a turn out on a two lane highway, so when I passed her she flipped ME off and I returned the gesture. What's the big deal? I think there should be a ?? on here actually.
Yes. No issues.
I often call her over to see who I'm reporting for fraud.

What's the big deal in flipping people off?
I'm from Miami. Flipping people off (for any traffic offense) gets them angered and Road Rage often involves guns.

Anna was a lovely hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman who worked in the factory of the company I was employed at. Her boyfriend was driving and she was standing on the passengers seat partly through the sun roof shooting at someone who cut them off. They fired back and killed Anna. I didn't go to her funeral.
I'll give you a little test.
Which one is real and which one is the scammer?

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