Save your breath

Political issues are part of the blog section. Why complain as though you own this site?

Create your own site and completely block politics.

But you know that already. Don't you?cheers cheering

I think the complaint department is closed. tongue rolling on the floor laughing dancing
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Their ignorance on policy matters
1$ trumped %{ pun 100% International
Only by their arrogance in discussing said policy.

Stop making sense ) talking heads
The doctor will see you now....
Dr. Robert ) .the Beatles
...also ran. ) Mental Funeral ) autopsy.
Can you escort them out Bob?

This guy is from other planet wave
And how childish is it to blame these blogs on people who are leaving? Really? I thought we're all adults here. So callous a reasoning that is.professor
Let's talk about the non Recession.
G E I C O ®
..Has closed ALL it's California operations.

.. Government Employee Insurance Co Op..
...mmm...eYe wonder Y. ?

And as 3 or 4 of you may be aware
California is kind of a B F D on the International
Trending Scientiferous scene.

Other UN named store Employee s...have been advised to not to NOT intervene when in the course of zombie events they see a $hop Lifter...
Part of being a liberal Democrat is wanting anyone who disagrees with them to be quiet or in the case of Trump be put in jail, it is the same with communist Chinese and was the way of Joseph Stalin.
I've been saying this for a long time but these blind idiots don't connect the dots. wave
great observation Bob wave wave
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