Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ X ]

Chapter I:

“The spirit of this world is holding the human being back from ultimate truth, carrying it along a maze of lies and deceit; therefore, people are led astray, until the point of no return, which is death, as when the angel comes to take the soul away of this world, the human being wakes up truly and understands the world and what is Reality, but the given time, can not be replaced. There is no turning back from the grave, as once the human walks over that edge, its body returns to its origin, as well as the soul – which is not of this world. This world, as a Realm, is the ground where the soul is being tested, through various trials of life, and if the worldly spirit is in charge, the human being is trapped in Illusion. As more it departs from this world, the more, one realize that its place is not here, for it does not belong here, and being here, is just a temporary state, its own soul is immortal. But as more one anchors to this world, the more sinks into nothingness and void, its soul becomes burdened and its conscience retreats, while its heart being devoid, hardened and with a restless mind who could anytime overcome it, pushing it to extremes. For the common one who lived its entire life away from God, becomes as harder to comprehend all these, as much as its heart being closed and without being receptive, can not cope with such level of understanding. For such understanding does need Logic, - but a different one than what the human normally assimilates from society – which is contrary to God; even more, this Logic is merely the beginning, to cross over the edge and far beyond, surpassing the worldly view which becomes irrelevant; but these, require open heart, so that Receptivity may rise, time in which the human being starts to feel peace and ease the mind. When Understanding takes place, one catches glitches and fragments of what is beyond this world, and of course, gets in conflict with itself, - that it- self – being already nurtured upon earthly views and without any vision of what’s beyond, push back; once that step is reached, and gradually over time, the fight within itself is won, the soul gets deeper focus on what is beyond, into the Realm, and looks into the world for truth, for light, for life, and then, discovers how much it knew, but how less it knows, rooting in a continuous present. Along time, in perseveration over this road, one gets deeper in Understanding, and its life, becomes Life, orienting its soul to heavenly path. Its heart, enters peace, and its being becomes filled with love; then, and only then, the human being, truly lives. One realize then, how much Vanity is into the world…”

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- Shall be continued…

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