So what do Americans think about Kinzinger...

Who sensibly and realistically declared non candidacy? Or Cheney who well may too, or defiantly may compete instead? Both of them seem to me to represent honorable democracy. Integrity? If Americans look thoughtfully at them, what do they think if they are not counting votes? What about integrity? Less value than DT45 bucks? Nah!
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I like those that choose loyalty to the constitution over loyalty to TRUMP. thumbs up
Some will think as you do! But not all, and probably not those most vocal here.
I think of Liz Cheney the same as that great American Hunter Biden , both have fathers who were lifelong politicians and somehow multimillionaires . They are also multi miilionaires. They are to be admired . She is almost as wonderful as the husband of Nancy Pelosi. Great Americans cheering applause cheering
remember dt45 is also son of a millionaire and frequently a liar and bankrupt ceo. ...irony and sarcasm are deadweights here. But if that is the expression of your opinion it draws the respect a thoughtful answer deserves.
So Donald Trump made his money while serving in political office ! Did not know that! Wow you really pay close attention don’t you!cheers
I didn't say that - read more carefully
@ray so far you are not making relevant posts ... try again
Integrity? That is what you call Cheney, this is why people in USA conservatives can’t stand blind people like yourself , Cheney is a grifter, she gets rich on government, but you say she is honorable? How is she honorable? Because CNN says she is? How did she get rich , what about Hunter Biden? You think he and Pedo Joe are honorable? Interesting how you I call people honorable, Question to you is Joe Biden honorable? Simple question, yes or no grin
@lastguy I have said nothing of biden - what is the topic?
@fella I said I see you read what you want to see, not what is written. Do you understand 'seem to represent' - if you want to show me how this is wrong, please do so
Oh yes they are grifters who seem (to liberal loons) to represent honorable democracy , that is correct handshake
So that is your view - grifters - no consideration of thinking or action. Does that make you a representative American do you think?
How does “that” make me a representative American. Watch her get kicked out of office by the people she is supposed to represent, she doesn’t care . I’m sure there are lots of Soros $$$ she will be paid, she did a good Rino job for Pelosi cheering applause cheering
well don't you see! a person with integrity gets kicked out! Try a dose of yor own irony!
... add a 'u' if 'u' can
She is a lying grifter rhino , who is a hero to all non American communist sympathizers like yourself cheers
Totally agree, she almost has the standing , gravitas of the Clinton's specially Hillary .
Anything in DC is the topic. Fauci said he will retire if Trump wins rolling on the floor laughing like that makes a voter think twice about d*ck n Cheney
@swamie 'Anything in DC is the topic' Not if I decide otherwise. I strongly suspect many Republicans may express pro-Trump sentiments but actually turn their backs on him when it comes time to choose the next candidate. I certainly hope America has learnt from the 2016 insanity. Not a few of you here try to shrug off the select committee findings, but once they really sink in many rats will run down the hawsers.

Many Republicans indeed do verbally reject Chaney and Kinzinger, but how many do it just to avoid abuse?
When push comes to shove in Politics it still won't stop what is in the future of America. Time is slowly in the time set. Its hard to fathom but hope I'm wrong. confused
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