FROM INDIA WITH LOVE Part 11b The Final episode

This Continues from Part 11A

Before Asimov could answer, Crown lifted the ice bucket and dived forward at the Russian's gun. The pistol fired instantly and the bullet penetrated the metal base, but the ice acted as another barrier. Crown felt a force hit him in the chest, but he had to take advantage and pin Asimov down. Teen picked up Crown's gun and waited for the opportunity to shoot. The Russian used his feet to force Crown back and just as he was about to fire, one shot rang out. Phut! Asimov clutched at his throat and slumped back in his chair. Teen stood over him pointing the gun in case he recovered. Crown stood up and checked the Russian's pulse.
He's dead this time. Crown looked at Teen. That was some shooting.
I've never shot anyone before, but glad now that I knew how.
So am I. Now, we need to remove his body. We'll stick him in his cabin. I'll use his key. Crown opened the door and checked that the corridor was clear, and together they dragged Asimov through the doorway. Crown put his gun in the Russian's hand and arranged it to look like suicide. It would delay suspicion until they were clear of the train. He put the Champagne bottle next to the body after first emptying most of the contents down the sink. The remainder was poured into the deceased's mouth. Another clue as to the cause of death. The door was locked again and the two agents returned to their cabin. Crown cleaned any blood spillage with a towel and then discarded it out of a corridor window.
They sat on the bed with relief. I assumed the tunnel had finished him, said Crown. I should have shot him when I had the chance.
It's over now, said Teen. Sometimes if there's a way other than cold blooded killing, it's only human to take it. Your action was correct.
Perhaps you're right, Teen. With hindsight it would have been different. We'd better get ready to leave the train. It's due into Gare de L'est in a few minutes. We must now get that Cypher to the British embassy and advise Noon at HQ.
On arrival in Paris, Crown and Teen hailed a taxi to take them to the Embassy at 35, Rue due Fauborg Saint - Honore, 75008, Paris.
After entering the building, Crown revealed his identity, and was met by another operative.
Jack Crown! So glad to meet you. We have spoken on the phone many times, but here you are in the flesh.
Crown explained the situation and need to to message Noon. He handed over the bag containing the Cypher and constructed a communication to read:-

Director of Operations
Successfully delivered goods to BE Paris, They will arrange secure transport home. One person lost his way on the train. Await your instructions.

Thirty minutes elapsed before receiving reply, which read:-

BE, Paris
Well done. Look forward to delivery. Suggest you take some leave in Paris. No need to rush back.
Director of Operations

Well, Teen, Looks like we have official leave in Paris. I think a good meal, some entertainment and a bit of sight seeing should be our plan.
Of course. What could be better, and without interruptions this time,

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