Donald Trump is not the problem, but the consequence

Robert Reich Jan 2020: America's Great Divide: Robert Reich Interview

Rings true. Here's a youtube, but rather long. He spends a lot of time on the problems of the Democrats. He says there is no Republican party, only Trump and Fox News. Also rings bells.
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Amazing ! Your molecular knowledge of Amerika continues to shrink.
Damned Right You Are thumbs up

It makes PERFECT Sense - If One / Both Party(s) screw the poocch - And The People -
Voters WILL Go with other options ...
very mad
Kind Obvious, if one Thinks 'Bout It!

Voters Currently Perceive that Ol' Joe & the 'Crats are Screwing ALL The Pooches MASSIVELY & 'Crats are thus on track for a Mid-Term Beat Down of Historically Massive Proportions - Just a mere 100 Days From Now
... And The Don bodes VERY Well to ReTake POTUS in '24.

Note that Ol' Joe's the Highest Ranked 'Crat & he's Barely in Double Digits -
He's followed CA Guv Newsom & Veep Harris - Both in Single Digits -
Essentially makin' 'em Both the top-ranked Also-Rans.

VERY Telling -
Trump Endorsed Candidates are faring Very Well in the Primaries.

Conversely -
I'm aware of NO Candidate Receiving - OR SEEKING - An Endorsement from Ol' Joe.

It's INCREDIBLE - UnHeard Of - that candidates so UNANIMOUSLY DisAssociate themselves from a Sitting Prez of THEIR PARTY.

One Pundit described 'Crat Prospects in the upcoming Mid-Terms as a "Political Near Extinction Level Event".

That Might be the BEST Damned Thing that could Happen To 'Crats -
It'd Send 'em an UnMistakeable Wake Up Call that the need to Dump the Marxist Wing that's talkin' over their party -
Cuz it's talkin' 'em Straight to Political Hell in a Handcart.

More Accurately - Voters Will SEND 'Em To Political Hell ...
Ala Mike Moore's commentary on the '16 Election in the "Michael Moore In Trumpland" clip in the vid above ... roll eyes

Well the point is Americans are perfectly capable of making dreadful mistakes, not just once
Fargofan ~ Not just America, most countries are not exempt from repeating history over and over again and not learning any lessons.
History reaches us that we learn Nothin' from History.

The world brought to the Knife Edge Of War over Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was Nerve-Rattling reminiscent of how the.World blundered into WWI.

It feels as if the Royal Cousins of 1914, Georgie (King George) Willie (Kaiser Wilhelm) & Nicky (Czar Nicholas) have ReIncarnatd in 2022 as Biden, Putin & Xi.

Do you have a Master's degree in exaggeration and embellishment?

If not, you deserve one, from your recent comments.
Some never Vote and found another hole to fish in laugh

Embedded image from another site
uh oh
The World has Damned Good REASON To breathe a Sigh of Relief that Ridiculously Reckless Rhetoric of the past few days was NOT Followed Through With.

America needs about another 20 and more years of people with policies more like Trump's.

the contrasts of good and bad are laid bare. the bad are the majority we have now in government. enough that many are switching sides. even those that switch to the other aren't enough to match the people with their eyes more open.

obviously when you have a true leader against communism, they portrait it as "consequences" because things were actually better for the people, the country, and even the globe was in a better place. the communists go up in arms and the propaganda continues to rain down even harder.

and the sheep all bleat.crazy
Maybe due to your comment being a lie, China never said they would shoot down any plane, but you and the rest of the gullible plebs believe the lies spread by anti-China media and spread them without thought to the result.

Spewing that sort of Rhetoric over a Diplomatic Visit strikes Me as Ridiculously Reckless.

If the "Prepare For War" statement from the CCP Official Wasn't taken Seriously by the Chinese Military, It WAS taken so by the US -
The US Navy & Marines were ordered to complete inspections in order to bring as many F35s up to Combat Readiness as Possible.

If that Wasn't Quite the Equivalent of, let's say, Russia's 1914 Mobilization that lurched the World towards WWI -
It was UnComfortably Close Enough.

Judge for Y'all's Selves.


@mic your lie is representing some random Chinese commentator speaking wishfully on behalf of China - same as if you said 'USA should nuke them' = USA says they will nuke China. Patent dishonesty, a talent of yours.
I'm Not a member of US Officialdom.

The Chinese threats of shooting down Pelosi's plane were made by persons highly enough placed that their statements were reported by News Outlets Worldwide & were taken Seriously by the US Gov't & Military.

Such Rhetoric - from persons in positions to make Credible Threats -
over a Diplomatic Visit is Reckless ... IMO.

Again - Judge for Y'all's Selves.

Though China Refrained from Shooting Down Pelosi's plane -
They Have undertaken Punitive Action against Taiwan - The "3d Taiwan Straits Crisis"
Again - Reminiscent of Stupid Reckless Blundering such as what led the World into WWI.

T'would Appear China WANTS to Escalate the situation to War over Taiwan -
And they Will By God BRING it ... devil

As a pragmatic country practising a form of capitalism, china will not disturb the capital flow between them and Taiwan - but like America they may well practise a little drum-beating. However none of this is relevant to the topic on hand - being the American divide.
Robert Reich,hmm?confused
Brainbrother of Bernie Sanders,AOC and her Gang.confused
Could you enlighten us what form of "Capitalism" the totalitarian PRC is practicing?
Or is it more like Mercantilism?
McClee ~ Regardless of utube I think it was a very unswise move for Pelosi to visit at this tense time in our world. It takes very little to spark off a war, if you remember Bay of Pigs , and how pulling in horns and diplommacy with words and dialogue can help, not saying it always does but but empty rhetoric at the wrong time in the wrong place can be lethal. Pelosi should have stayed at home. Biden should be taught to watch what he says too. Already Billions in aid gone to Ukraine.

Of course what would I know. People here have become so nasty and acerbic that one is nearly afraid to write t heir own opinion.
You have a big mouth Riz , you need shut it sometimes
He responded to a question by saying - perhaps a mite Too UnEquicocally - that the US would back Taiwan -
It was suggested he may've been more "Strategically Ambiguous".

Keen-eyed blog watchers May've picked up that I'm Not Ol' Joe's Biggest Fan.

Prior to Pelosi's visit - He mentioned that the Military had told him her visit may've been ill-advised At This Time & he concurred ... And I Agreed with Ol' Joe on this.

Her plane Wasn't Fired Upon - which would've been an Act Of War - So that's a Good Thing.

One pundit opined -
Pelosi's an 82 yo woman who Did Not Back Down from playing Top Gun with Chinese Fighter Pilots - And All the Testosterone in Washington DC was in Nancy Pelosi ... flex

OMG Agentbob wrote a sentence, one that is more or less properly constructed - it happened to be the first response and a single liner otherwise I would not nave noticed it, having strong agentbob-writing-aversion-syndrome; yet he did and of course I just laugh because while it is syntactically valid it is logically nonsense and invalid. Of course he adds nothing to the topic, shares that in common with @miclee
If I was China I would take another island not saying which one but two are legal..

Embedded image from another site


rolling on the floor laughing
My Amerian clients (name withheld)from last year& present . Also my Dad . They can still feel the impact of the Trump government. He screwed up MEDICAID big time.
There is a lot red tape in Medicaid. My told me. He have arrhythmia & pelvic floor collapse.
He ran out of insurance coverage but is qualified for renewal. I haven't got the heart to charge him for reiki even for a donation. It's ECQ. I'm worried about his food & medication budget. This happens before presidential election season. Biden won. My father(70, Mawah New Jersey) got the surprise of his life. His SSI got canceled. The IRS told him that he have excess back taxes( Biden term). He is responsible in filing taxes. This error happens during the Trump administration too. It's the IRS who computes & checks tax dues. He paid the IRS $4,000+ . Now waiting for SSI(reapplication) benefits.doh blues
Who is pro china? confused
That'd be The Confucius.Instute Avatar Tag Team Twins... wink

!mic curious use of avatar - what do you think it means?
Says a rep from the country that snatched the guns, and then beat the sht out of people for not bowing down to curfew.
Still no idea of how you intend to use 'avatar' - no plausible explanation in a dictionary I suggest. Continue to label the two people as avatars if it pleases you, does nothing whatsoever for me however - just makes me smirk.
Dictionary? laugh ... DICTIONARY??? ... rolling on the floor laughing
Who the Hell uses a Dictionary? ... typing

Did you bring it with you from '86 in a Time Traveling DeLorean?

Sounds like something that Might be said by ... Mmmm, gee - I dunno ... an Avatar?


Yes and we give your hyperbolic comments the consideration they deserve. yawn
Call it hyperbole or whatever -
Issuing Ultimata - WWI
Drawing Lines in the Sand - Obama in Syria
The CCP Drawing Lines in Taiwanese Airspace ...

Such actions Raise the Threat Of War - They're Reckless & Ill-Advised.

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