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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Today is the day when you can enjoy these scrummy treats without having to feel guilty.

In 1937, Ruth Grave Wakefield took her invention of the chocolate chip morsels and her curiosity of how they would taste in a sugar cookie and created this heavenly cookie loved by all ages.

There is something so enjoyable about eating one straight out of the oven, closing your eyes and having the warm chocolate goodness melt in your mouth.

So thank you Ruth Grave Wakefield! Without your ingenuity, generations would have missed out on the bliss that is known today as the Chocolate chip cookie. In honor of today--go enjoy the delectable treat!

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Dont say Art doesn't enjoy this cookie cos no one will believe you...laugh
I will cast my vote for National Lukeon day........oh lol which day? How about September first?...teddybear :
Hi BC,
Wow, Sept 1st is officially Spring day here and I'm sure no one wants to spoil that perfect day.rolling on the floor laughing
Hope you a great day there whatever you do.

I think I read somewhere that the Chocolate Chip Cookie was first invented in South Africa. Or was it? confused

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