China's sabre rattling around Taiwan needs to be curtailed. Apart from this childish behaviour they are polluting the sea with their simulated war routine. Firing shells, rockets, bombs.
They're trying to do a Putin routine, but will face a retaliation from the Taiwanese forces and USA if an attack is made. USA have pledged to defend the country, so time to threaten the Chinese regime.
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We left Ukraine to their own devices, when we should have threatened Russia, and look what happened. We shouldn't do the same with China. China imposed themselves in Hong Kong and the UK should have stopped that immediately.
Tell the Chinese that such threats will only lead to Taiwan joining NATO. That should scare the Communists.
Do you happen to sell bomb shelters? Or live in one cheers
You have to stand up to these bullies. They're getting away with too much. No good hiding in shelters. Now is the time to end the spread of the Chinese interference in everything. They infiltrate education establishments. Buy up the best technology we have. Export a load of cheap garbage to the west.
Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.
The defeated GMD and Jiang Jieshi escaped mainland China to the Chinese island of Taiwan in 1949, taking with them as much booty as they could. For almost 40 years it remained an autocracy under the rule of Jiang Jieshi. China has very good reason to regard Taiwan as a Chinese possession, but America chose to support JJS (with quite a lot of regret I suspect). Jiang Jieshi was at least as much a despot as Mao or Stalin was. The point is that China has a strong argument to the effect that Taiwan is part of China.
That's a great quote, but don't see the relevance here. Try again.
Your blindness is duly noted cheers
@crown join Nato - silly! no - too silly! The question of Taiwan separating from China has been avoided for 70+ years, but I guarantee China will not agree to it! Hong kong was invaded and seized by England, but ceded back. Why should Taiwan be ceded by China?
That is a wonderful idea. Let China have Taiwan, they can turn the whole island into a reeducation camp. Aren’t you using the same logic as Russia invading Ukraine it’s really their property. And also didn’t know those terrible Taiwan people were so greedy taking money with them, the poor communist Chinese need that money back crying
Either the world supports democracy or not. Countries that enjoy freedom and choose it should not have it taken away. It's up to the free world to support such free thinking people.
We know it's the best type of government and so do those who have successfully used it.
The backward bullies of China and Russia need sorting out.
That too is silly - nothing like Ukraine - an escaping defeated army invading Taiwan in 1949, and subsequently protected by USA. What you wrote is nonsense. The Guomindang army stole whatever they could.
Oh that’s what this is about stolen money , once againcrying crying crying
No it is about sovereignity.
Sovereignty - the autopilot puts in the 'i' that I didn't type
The people who live in Taiwan don’t want to be part of communist China , you are a maniac who would love to see people in Chinese reeducation camps. Can’t you see China is about as legitimate as the mafia when it comes to human rights, they have disqualified themselves from governing people who want nothing to do with them. I guess you love how they treat people in Tibet. I would say you are an atheist who puts $&& first , just admit you live everything about the communist government. They tell you what to think and what to do. No need to have your own ideas or freedom!scold scold scold
China loved Us in America till crazy Nancy took to the skies. I was just informed China has cut ties and It hurts. I was looking forward to visiting the area. I was into the dragon and needed the fix. Where can a man with an itch get some opium?
The Kennedy family made their fortune on opium in China, maybe go to Kennibunkport and start there cheers
Any mention of Formosa that does not
Include C. K. Chaek ( ?
Mao & George Marshall
1$ a 3 foot rabbit trail leading to a pile of feces.
.. Standby.
Little donkey ) rocky fellers
Chinatown ) destroyer
Full Communism ( downtown boys.
Taiwan is a (the?) Major Supplier of Microchips - the Oil of the 2st Century - for the West -
That's Why the West WILL go to War Should the ChiComs attempt to seize the island -

Crownaffair wants to go now , we need to drop him in with special ops team , he can disable their nuclear capabilities cheers
There's no need to Rush things -
The ChiComs are bringin' it about PLENTY Quick Enough ...

Concerns over ChiCom Aggression prompts NATO Alliance to consider Asian Expansion -

I agree something needs to be done. So, when are you and all the brave people where you live going to china and put them in their place while saving the world. Show the world what you can do.
No need to go to China. Just place nuclear missiles in Taiwan and point them in the right direction. After all, they are supposed to be a deterrent. Why do we have them?
Cuba, 1962? How did America react to approaching Russian vessels. Nuclear weapons in Taiwan - don't be so ridiculous!
Everything is ridiculous to you. I knew you'd bring up Cuba. We are not Russia. We don't have to listen to threats from China. There is an existing promise from USA to defend Taiwan. China know that. All they have to do is keep their distance.
Taiwan posses technology that China and the rest of the world need. All Taiwan needs to do is threaten to stop the supply of this equipment to China. China would then back off. Installation of nuclear missiles would add to China's worries.
The rest of the world should consider kicking out Chinese tourists and students, and stop flights to their countries. Also stop importing Chinese garbage, and reliance on this cheap crap. We have seen with Ukraine and Russia, that dependence in goods from communist countries is the wrong policy.
The rest of the world should consider kicking out Chinese tourists and students, and stop flights to their countries. Also stop importing Chinese garbage, and reliance on this cheap crap. We have seen with Ukraine and Russia, that dependence in goods from communist countries is the wrong policy...
thumbs up

stop importing Chinese garbage, and reliance on this cheap crap.

thumbs up thumbs up cheers
What Ms. Meena.Sez!! ... thumbs up

A Nuclear Armed Taiwan?? There's a case to be Made for it....
Ukraine Gave Up nukes after the Fall of the USSR -
And VERY regrets havin' Done So.

As Horrible as nukes Are - They're UnQiestionably one Helluva Deterrent -
Realistically - That's their ONLY Practical Application

It's Very Arguable that Nukes are the Main (Sole?) Reason the World's Not Experienced War on a Global Scale since the bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

Yet ... uh oh

Considering it's Options against the Aggressive & MUCH More heavily armed ChiComs -
A Nuclear Armed Taiwan may be - I Hate Sayin' It ... "INEVITABLE".

@op Everything is ridiculous to me? When you make absurd suggestions like nuclear weapons in Taiwan you deserve to be ridiculed. You knew I would mention Cuba, but you didn't think about it? Shallow man! Would China allow US to bring nuclear weapons to Taiwan huh? Get real!
I did think about Cuban crisis, but dismissed it. That was a gamble by Kennedy. What if kruschev had ignored the threat. Have you considered that?
China has witnessed the Ukraine catastrophe and knows exactly what the world's reaction would be to an invasion of Taiwan. Do you think it would want that?
America needs to stop meddling in Asian affairs, The US government doesn't understand Asian culture or politics, did they learn nothing from Vietnam?

America is the cause of all the worlds unrest
I think the Philippines would want protection from the west and security. So would Japan. Would you be happy if China decided to gain more space? How would those two countries deal with a threat?
Don't Leave Out 'Straya ... scold

Yes. Don't forget Australia. The Chinese have already infiltrated the educational establishments there and the problem of spreading propaganda has been identified. This is a sneaky way of gaining access to democracies and needs to be stopped.
China already owns the Philippines financially with Japan and I would rather be under Chinese rule than the obnoxious ruling by America. America has already half destroyed the Philippines, so maybe time for a change dunno
You proposed the idea of USA nuclear weapons in Taiwan. I have no problem with repeating that is absurd. America would never contemplate it and China would never permit it. Nor would UN. Just a stupid idea. Repeat, stupid!
I believe the Philippines government are meeting right now with America gov. rep. They want security of America.
I'm sure the Filipinos would hate Chinese control. Ask the Hong Kong people how they feel.
You obviously worship China and are scared to upset them. Nothing I could say would change your sympathy for communist oppression.
A Fake Profile Avatar (or Two) of the Confucius Institute, mayhaps???
If it Looks like an Avatar(s), Walks like an Avatar(s) & Talks like an Avatar(s) ...

I ain't Sayin' ... I'm just Sayin' ... dunno

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