what do you think of this......

Well I am looking for a sincere lady friend to share unconditional love, care, attention ( even without Sex ) as long as Sharing will be with mutual respect and sincerity but WITHOUT STRINGS ATTACHED, WITHOUT OBLIGATION, WITHOUT ANY HIDDEN AGENDA AND STRICTLY NOT FOR WILD LUSTFUL KIND OF ENCOUNTERS. NOT



I do not need love and care with my condition.

Well these are my thoughts. You might have totally opposite thoughts. And I respect people and their thoughts and their privacy too
Online or real friend with or without intimacy has to be 100% free from Any strings attached, no obligation, no hidden agendas.

I am Frank, straight forward and I do not misguide people with sweet lies.

rolling on the floor laughing ..... one of my friend
sent me this..(she got this mail from for away man online dating) .. asking
my opinion on this..

what do i say..? confused doh
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Hello TM,

I am thinking this gentleman is trying to lay out his boundaries. It sounds to me that he was in a relationship previously and he discovered things about that previous partner that he did not like. ...such as maybe that partner was a manipulator just using him (thus him using the phrase "hidden agendas.")

Him using the phrase "without strings attached, without obligation" tells me that maybe he is either afraid of commitment or is just not looking for a committed relationship.

Him saying "strictly not for wild lustful kind of encounters" This one is tricky and can mean many things in my opinion...here are some of the things this might mean....maybe he has E.D., maybe he realizes that scammers most of the time has approached him with offers of sex and he is tired of those type of encounters, maybe he is trying to be manipulative himself and implanting the idea of sex in your friend's mind, maybe he is just looking for genuine friend and he is trying to set himself apart from many different men that are only looking for sex. Those are just some of the possibilities ...I am not exactly sure.

Him saying "sharing has to be willing from hearts"...it sounds like he is looking for a genuine and sincere partner to converse with...and if your friend and him are talking about being physically together, he is wanting somebody who is trustworthy. However, if your friend and him are just planning on keeping their conversations online only, perhaps he is lonely and looking for somebody to share meaningful conversations with.

Like with ANYONE you meet online, words are cheap...a manipulator can say anything...only time and careful attention will tell one's true motivations. He might just be a lonely guy. I think there is a lot of loneliness these days...which there is nothing wrong with that, that is just a normal human emotion when one is alone. Just one message makes it difficult to truly discern one's message, agenda, and character.

In my opinion.

Johnny said it well - a manipulator can say anything and I also agree that loneliness abounds these days.

We all have our own reasons why we are on this website. One can consider lucky if one finds someone to talk to or just exchange meaningful conversations. With all these messaging apps - we have lost the value and the joy of a real conversation.
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