Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ XII ]

Chapter I:

“But society is far away, from these ultimate truths, and usually people truly awake when the Reality hits them; the harder the blow, the greater the shock; I wonder, this is really the price to be paid?! I ask myself this question, looking to the baby early brought into the world, opening its big eyes to this world of sickness and violence; the baby does not know what lies ahead its destiny, how much will have to suffer and for how long it will last. I ask myself then, watching the little one held by the parents hand: does this soul knows what awaits it along the journey? – for it does not realize what harm is around and to what level of madness and evil is being exposed; it will grow, therefore, in dreams of others shaken by facts and events, climbing the stairs of a castle of lies, for an empire to be built and which must fall after, shattering all the walls of illusions until dust fills the earth and only the wind will blow it away like telling a story with “was upon a time”… Then, while I sigh, my mind leads me to think that among these stormy events to follow, there will be also blessed ones, still present into the world, and they will nourish the hearts of the needy ones, like the rain coming after a drought, - they will be like little springs of water, for the thirsty ones which in their pilgrimage, search for ultimate truths, within Reality.
Yes, indeed. This society who blames monsters, is the same one which creates them. From this society, are the crimes rising and heads being claimed in the name of a justice made up from a deck of cards, flying from the white gloves of the beset rulers. In the name of democracy, there is servitude, for the sake of dominion being split among masters. It should be no wonder that a well-crafted statue of modernism, progress and evolution, is being worshipped, reviving the ancient cults of men playing gods; here is their so-called godly-kingdom, where with a press of a button can turn whole nations fate into misery, where with a stamp and a signature can condemn imprisonment and torture, such as while the world burns, leaders to rejoice – not for long, however – because.. and just because in this whole ensemble the unknown factors are more provoking than what’s really going on behind the curtain, where each finger has a puppet to pull for those in command, and each hand has another joint to a different shoulder, while the heads glitter with sparks of enlightenment to the idea of ultimate, total control. Eventually, the course of this modern society, will reach to that point of no return, when everyone inchained will wake up on the edge of the same cliff from which the downfall of their empire; but the main issue, is how and when! – so alike, for how long it will last such trial, and when exactly the storm is coming, to cleanse this earth, once and for all!.. I think of all these, not because I don’t have better things to do, - but it is my concern, as well, for any contribution to this matter which may trouble other ones mind or burden their hearts; for these little ones I watch, for their sake, for their…”

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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