IRS: Gestapo in the Making - Gestapo (FBI) raids Trump's home - Unconscionable

Inflation is skyrocketing. Gas prices, despite Old Joe Biden’s crowing about minor reductions, are still substantially higher than they were before his presidency was inflicted upon us. America’s global standing is drastically diminished by Biden’s handlers’ catastrophically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, due to the lack of preparedness of a politicized military distracted by wokeism. The Southern border is essentially nonexistent, and due to that as well as to the arrival of tens of thousands of unvetted Afghan migrants, there is an unknowable number of criminals and terrorists in the country who would have been kept out by remotely sane immigration policies. Amid all this and much more, Biden’s handlers are tackling the real problem facing America today: they’re expanding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the extent that, according to the Washington Free Beacon, it will soon be larger “than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined.”

Yes, it’s true. The people who run Joe Biden looked around at their dumpster fire of an administration, and the smoking ruin they have wrought, and decided that what America really needs are tens of thousands of new employees for the IRS.

The Free Beacon reported that “under the Inflation Reduction Act negotiated by Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), the agency would receive $80 billion in funding to hire as many as 87,000 additional employees. The increase would more than double the size of the IRS workforce, which currently has 78,661 full-time staffers, according to federal data.” The new money that the agency would receive “would increase the agency’s budget by more than 600 percent. In 2021, the IRS received $12.6 billion.”

Why does the IRS need so many new full-time employees? Why does it need a six-hundred-percent budget increase? It’s all part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to squeeze the American middle class. The Free Beacon notes that according to “a Congressional Budget Office analysis,” the new behemoth IRS “would result in more than $200 billion in additional revenue for the federal government over the next decade.” This is because the new IRS agents would devote substantial energy to squeezing Americans and bleeding them dry: “Democrats say the hiring of additional IRS agents will help root out tax cheats and other criminals,” for “more than half of that funding is specifically earmarked for ‘enforcement,’ meaning tax audits and other responsibilities such as ‘digital asset monitoring.’”

It’s easy to see where all this is going. The new super-IRS will be as corrupt and politicized as the FBI already is, and would use its new staff and money to go after dissenters from the Leftist regime in Washington. The IRS is already one of the most hated and feared of all federal agencies, and one that was already politicized during Barack Obama’s first two terms, when the infamous Lois Lerner began persecuting conservative nonprofit organizations.

Back in the heady days of April 2017, then-House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady and then-Tax Policy Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam asked the Justice Department to reopen a probe into Lerner’s conduct. They wrote: “On April 9, 2014, the House Committee on Ways and Means voted to send a letter to the Department of Justice referring former IRS Exempt Organizations Division Director Lois G. Lerner for criminal prosecution. As indicated in the attached letter, the Committee’s nearly three-year investigation uncovered evidence of willful misconduct on the part of Ms. Lerner. Despite this fact, and for what many believe were purely partisan reasons, the prior Administration refused to review Ms. Lerner’s misconduct.”

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It's important to understand that the IRS is a foreign corporation based in Puerto Rico and has NO juristriction over the Republic of the United is D eep S tate

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Delta Force Operators Monday morning intercepted an 18-wheeler packed with pistols and bound for the Internal Revenue Service Building in Washington, D.C., a source in Gen David H. Berger’s office told News.

Hours after Kabula Harris’s tie-breaking vote on the regime’s climate, health, and tax bill empowered the IRS to hire and arm 87,000 new agents—to the tune of $80bn—an inconspicuous tractor trailer departed a government-leased warehouse in Jessup, Maryland. The obsidian cab and attached trailer swerved through the city’s industrial district and was preparing to veer onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway when it met an obstacle: four SUVs, each as black as the trailer, blocked its path, two on the road and one on each shoulder. Under ordinary circumstances, the trailer could’ve steamrolled the blockade. But these were not ordinary circumstances. Behind each SUV stood four men garbed in military attire, every one of them brandishing rifles aimed at the cab’s windshield.

As the truck screeched to a halt, four of the 16 Delta Force Operators approached and commanded the driver and passenger to show their hands and exit the vehicle. They complied and were gagged and zip tied, then pushed into the lead SUV. Wordlessly, two Operators climbed aboard the now seized cab and keyed the ignition. Within seconds, the vehicles had dispersed. The intercept and seizure had taken only minutes to complete.

The tractor trailer had left Maryland at 2:00 a.m. and, under current traffic conditions, been scheduled to arrive in D.C. no later than 4:00 a.m. By then, however, Special Forces had driven the trailer to safehouse/warehouse they had prepared in advance, and were already inventorying the load against a shipping manifest found in the cab.

According to the manifest, the trailer held 23,500 crated Sig Saur P229s and 160,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition, ostensibly intended for the IRS’s enhanced police force.

A week before the seizure, U.S. Army Cyber Command had intercepted communications between IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Manchin. Rettig had said on a conference call that “the purchase has been made,” which caused a somewhat agitated Schumer to inadvertently expose the nature of the shipment. “Why now? You were supposed to wait until we passed the bill and its made law. You jumped the gun, and mean that literally and figuratively, and this could come back at us,” Schumer said. Manchin bowed out of the conversation, saying, “I really don’t need to hear any of this,” and disconnected. But Schumer and Rettig bantered on. “We know the bill will pass muster, Kamala will see to it. It isn’t a problem. We’ll just say later on that we bought the guns after the bill got passed and ratified,” Rettig blabbered. “Don’t take possession until Biden makes it law,” Schumer said, to which Rettig blurted, “They can’t sit where they are that long, too risky. I’m moving them here from Maryland storage when it passes. If there’s any blowback, it’ll fall on me.”

U.S. Army Cyber Command at once forwarded a recording of the call to both Marine Corps General David H. Berger and a Delta Force commander whose name remains classified. Together, they greenlit a mission to confiscate the IRS’s would-be arsenal. Research revealed that the federal government had contracts with several shipping and warehouse facilities in the Maryland area, and Delta Force Operators soon began surveillance on those locations, hitting pay dirt rather quickly. The Jessup warehouse, they discovered, was guarded by a throng of treasury agents whose blue windbreakers with IRS Special Agent stenciled on the back conspicuously betrayed their identities.


Delta Force had a choice to make: raid the warehouse and risk a firefight, or continue surveillance until the warehouse’s contents had been loaded onto a trailer, and seize it enroute to its destination.

According to our source, Delta Force had watched treasury agents fill the trailer with rectangular wooden crates, the contents of which had been stamped in blank ink on the wood—pistols, lots of them, and ammo.

“Delta expected security would go with the truck, but it was only the driver and one IRS agent in the passenger seat. No tailing vehicles. The IRS is an enemy of the people, and those pistols…why would they need them? Think about that? This is victory but a small one because they have $80bn to play with. We’re still in the fight,” our source said in closing.
yes, i do believe the irs expansion is some where in the kill america better bill they call the inflation reduction act. of course it's nothing of the sort but people will still bleat that it is.

big score for government and bad every where else. lots of wasted tax dollars that will cost us more tax dollars and again to cut more jobs and wages.
Retirement should go up social Security to 74 rolling on the floor laughing 16 hour days sleep with one glued open. Hard to believe that the college owns millions of acres of land. but doubt they would ever feed the town in a crisis. But China blaze into the area for itself the military would be used to defend the states..
Yes , turning us into Venezuela thumbs down
Eric Tucker and Michael Balsamo
The Associated Press

Updated Aug. 8, 2022 6:38 p.m. PDT
Published Aug. 8, 2022 4:15 p.m. PDT

WASHINGTON - The FBI searched former U.S. president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday. Trump disclosed the action in a lengthy statement, asserting that agents had broken into his safe in a search he decried as evidence of "dark times for our nation."
The search, which the FBI and U.S. Justice Department did not immediately confirm, marks a dramatic escalation in law enforcement scrutiny of Trump and comes amid a separate but intensifying probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump and his allies immediately sought to cast the search as part of a Democratic-driven effort to keep him from winning another term in 2024, even though the Biden White House said it had no prior knowledge of it and the current FBI director, Christopher Wray, was appointed by Trump five years ago and served as a high-ranking official in a Republican-led Justice Department.
@ray6 'turning us into Venezuala'
Doesn't that indicate an excessively high esteem for your country? Do you aspire to such heights? MAGA!
comfort blah yawn
Schiff,Thompson and the rest of the J6-Inquisitors ran out of stuff to make up?
The Buttholes looking for more non-smoking Guns?rolling on the floor laughing
Garland better looking for some property in some Country that has no Extradition-Treaty with the US,and get himself ready to bug out!
C, he's not worth a penny.
Official government advertisement for the hiring of new IRS officials. Totally normal

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Posted to Willie's other blog in error..... Chancer, good find.....need a job?

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An administration whistleblower speaking under condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal told Real Raw News on Tuesday that the IRS will spend some of its newfound wealth–$87bn—on opening a “sniper school” where treasury agents will be trained to use the M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS,) a military and police version of the popular Remington Model 700 series rifles.

According to the source, the IRS has already scouted a location in Utah and plans to break ground once the criminal regime ratifies the unconstitutional climate, health, and tax bill, which earmarks over $80bn for “Internal Revenue Service Improvements.” Those improvements include hiring 87,000 new agents, a percentage of whom will attend sniper academy.

The IRS currently has 78,000 employees divided into two categories: pencil-pushing desk jockeys and enforcers, or what it calls Special Agents, the latter of which persecute hardworking citizens for no other reason than to enrich the federal government’s already overflowing coffers. In other words, we’re not only paying the IRS to hire more tax collectors to tax us, we’re also paying the IRS to arm itself against us. To be clear, the IRS does have a sniper division, approximately 150 persons who were taught to shoot alongside FBI agents at the FBI Academy, in Quantico, Virginia. But IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, our source said, has promulgated the notion that his agency needs an independent facility so agents can be trained to combat the “rising threat of Sovereign Citizens and Trump supporters that oppose taxation.”

Rettig, our source added, wants to increase the number of long-distance marksmen by thirtyfold—or about 5,000 sharpshooters.

“He personally scouted several potential spots for his sniper school, and he picked an area near the Bonneville Salt Flats, about 140 acres of land. He wants to start building ASAP and he’s put in a purchase order for 3,500 rifles. Once completed, it would greatly increase the IRS’s offensive capabilities. He’ll have tons of cash to spend at his discretion,” our source said.

And he’s right, for the regime’s 800+ page bill makes no stipulation as to how the IRS spends the $87bn, only that it’s spent on “IRS improvements.”

Within hours of Kabula Harris’ tie-breaking vote on the bill, Rettig came under scrutiny, with constitutionalist lawmakers asking whether the IRS would increase audits on average-earning citizens. Rettig lied, of course, saying Americans earning less than $75,000/year would not face an increase in audits, and said instead that money would go toward replacing an antiquated computer system and depleted workforce.

“Outright lies,” our source said. “The IRS is looking to cement itself as a militarized arm of the government, just like the FBI.”
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