American way of life.....

The American way of life is to buy whatever you want whenever you want it... laugh

what they wanted was something different then
they decide for
what the person next to them had.laugh

American govt...
last 40 years have been catering to the rich.

There laws being made that will make those in power feel good..

The American way of life is amazing - on paper. But in truth, the American way of Life seems set up to favor certain people and make life much harder for others. sigh

more to come... in the
comment sectionlaugh
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The American way of life is to do what you want to do without thinking of anyone else.

That is... they dont care... others do get hurt... have
feelings just like them..
They are so selfish cant see
the pain of other human.
hence lot of serial killers.

American way of life is not in any way, shape or form...
nomadic life.

they like showing of..
.Look at my car, look at my clothes, look at my fancy coffee.

Paranoia comes at a great price. It eventually destroys freedom.
Yes, Teen it's the worst place to live. The cops shoot on sight. The gun crime is out of control. New York is full of prostitutes. The president is not able to put a sentence together. Floods, tornadoes, fires, and migrants crossing from the drugged Mexico. Rioters attack their parliament and kill innocent people. Abortion is illegal. Democratic votes are challenged.
What a great place to live
Do people in your country feel more enriched since 1947 when you all found Independence telling the U.K. to take a hike? grin and do you all eat more beef now. Beef stew yummy good. wave
I'm vegetarian. What happened in 1947? Don't see significance of that date. Try putting a sentence together that makes sense. I know it's difficult for you.
The cops shoot on sight. The gun crime is out of control.

(rolling on the floor laughing)
thumbs up
1947...was my grandfather

i love always english also
i am a vegetarian too
but in Ametica..

Guns, Violence, Rape, Robbery, Drug Consumption and Narcotics Trafficking, Gang Violence, Burglary, Property Crime, Grand Theft Auto, Murder, Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Policemen Kneeling on your Neck when Arrested ……

….. need i continue any further?
Obviously you are talking to the op in this post, I do not eat meat Fridays being Catholic. I’m not sure
If beef is banned in India still it would be interesting to hear from OPwave
Well the real danger is the Covid shots - they have caused the lifespan to decrease, I’ve lived in some of the worse places and never had any problems wave
You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.

Winston Churchill.

Great ruler... cheering
mostly indians are vegetarian
even non vegetarian eats
only mutton or chicken and
fish.... no beef
Or Jai ? Honor killing? What is the punishment?
Animal Protein is Animal Protein is Animal Protein!
A meatless diet can be healthy, but vegetarians -- especially vegans -- need to make sure they're getting enough vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics warns of the risk of vitamin B12 deficiencies in vegetarians and vegans. Vitamin B12 is found naturally only in animal products
Teenameena ~ I believe happiness comes from spirituality and not living for consumer goods. I believe
that simplicity in all things leads to happiness. No, it is not deemed sane to say this in the West. Where abundance is see and the ultimate goal. Earthly pleasures pass. Money does not make people happy.

Regarding Vegetarianism. I am not Vegan as I lack Iron but Red meat is very inflammatory for the body
and take a long time to digest. It has more hormones and is a greater strain on the climate and Chicken [free range ] and the meats you mentioned are fine. I eat meat once a week, if I am visiting and they have beef I am not going to be rude and refuse it.
I guess I am a cradle-grave mackerel-snapper too. Love the infrequent Friday parish fish fries.
After FBI raid on one of Trump's homes, he states, The country is corrupt at a level not seen before.
Are you signalling USA as number 1 banana republic?

Are you signalling USA as number I banana republic?
banana banana banana
And.... 7...stars on top

rolling on the floor laughing
vitamin B 12.....found in

sea food... free range eggs of
chicken or ducks... cows milk
cottage panneer... goats milk
also germinated... pulses
soya beans... green gram
wheat... in medicine...
Becosules capsules
@crown partition took place in the subcontinent with a dreadful bloodbath in 1947, the catastrophic consequence or climax of Britain's seizure of a once single subcontinent, whence they earnt huge lucre from forced opium trade with China. Not familiar with this history? Gunboats and opium from India forced on the Chinese? Doesn't ring a bell?
Of course I was aware. Just testing. We paid China in opium in exchange for tea. Chinese enjoyed getting high, so we helped them. Courtesy of His Majesty's government in furtherance of the British Empire. Those areas suffered with our departure and unfortunately for them took backwards step and ended up with lack of freedom and poverty. They should have kept of the drugs.
Spirituality doesn't provide food to survive on. Doesn't do the washing up. Doesn't do the cooking. Doesn't do the shopping. Doesn't keep food safe and refrigerated. Doesn't vacuum the house. Unless you have special powers we don't know about?
Migrants are pouring into Texas from central and southern America. Texas say they can't handle them, so they bus them to New York. New York say they have too many migrants, so they send them to Washington. Chaos and that's without the Mexican problem.

Thanks ??, and since crown is addressed you about spiritual things, not sure how that relates to this post? Maybe the devil has blinded him. Remember the Our Father , Give ius this day and our daily bread which is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. . It might give him courage that he lacked when he deleted his prayer blogdunno
Do I detect some bitterness? You never give up following me around. Is that because no one else bothers to take any notice of you? At least I tolerate your silly childish comments. You lose every argument with me and it frustrates you I know.
cheers cheers
Follow you? rolling on the floor laughing

I follow Jesus, who do you follow ? This guy is seemsdevil

What happened to the prayer thread , still waiting for an answer angel
I suppose you're frantically looking through your book of myths to try and quote another section. Perhaps you should try thinking for yourself and not rely on ancient thoughts of people who lived in the past. Try joining the real world.
cheers cheers
Oh look didn’t notice crown trying to get my attention yesterday, that’s sad comfort
I will pray for you crown , after you took shot trusting in Faucci and USA your days are fewsad flower
I never try to attract your attention. I prefer communicating with intelligent people. I've certainly rattled your cage. Have I touched on a nerve? Perhaps you do belong to a cult and suitably brainwashed as they all are. That's it. Of course you are a cult member! I understand now.
I don't answer comments from cults so I won't respond to you again.
Back to your book for comfort.
So why did you delete the prayer blog? Seems something I said caused -
Embedded image from another site
image hosting sites
Ray, words of wisdom: Don't waste your breath!
Thanks LJ , good advice cheers
Is excessive but they make the best cartoons
CROWN ~ Wow I am going to have to watch what I write here, when I said spiritual, I simply meant that I had gone through the designer clothes, expensive high heels and hair cuts era [for me , my decision ] and found that it did not bring happiness. I was alluding to the great god of excessive Consumerism which is rampant in EU, Ireland and U.S. It does not make us happy and community and other things do, good friendship, the love of friends and a loving relationship if we get lucky or they get luckysmitten Incessant buying of 'stuff' and things that make us seem wealthy and silly people envious is not a ticket to happiness, that is what I was really meaning to say.
I don't want a Cartier watch. ...... I think,
Teenameena ~ I love PUKKA products, their teas and Ayurvedic medicines. The West has managed to medicalise everything from watching too much Tv and being on social media to being abit unhappy, hence one in three are on SSRIs in many Western countries. Going to have ..... my once a week Beef Stew, best beef I could buy, only once a week, I need the iron. Garlic, onions, lots of veg, tiny bit of curry powder, other spices. Grass fed and tender. Going , good blog.
Always enlightening to hear from an uneducated foreigner and his "expertise " about what's going on somewhere else, gleaned from sources he apparently believes.
Teenameena ~ Most Govts, cater to the rich sadly. Tax is especially kind to the rich, it is the stretched middle classes who pay the most. Getting dark here now.
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