POTUS Would Have To Sign Off On Such An Action - It'll Energize Trump Supporters As Nothing Else Ever Could & Virtually ASSURES The Don will be the 'Publican '24 POTUS Nominee.

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Like Obama said- don’t ever underestimate Joes ability to f*ch things up professor
Doesn’t this fbi raid make the usa a banana republic? EFing shame. Never thought I would see this happen.

Was Trump home when this happened? If so, wouldn’t there be a possible confrontation between secret service agents (assigned to guard the Trumps) and the fbi.
What a shame, I am so mad. Yep anti Trump are in the up and up. BS
Expected. The modern-day tyrants of the Biden DOJ and the FBI (also known as Democrat Party Gestapo) would come up with a reason - ANY reason - to attack Trump. They know their time is numbered. This is what criminals do - they lash out like caged animals. They're well aware over half of Americans believe 2020 was stolen. They're well aware Biden's approval rating has been below 40% (probably lower) for a year. They're very well aware that public opinion and polling indicates a massive Republican win in the midterm elections that take place in 3 months time. So no one should be surprised at this. All that remains is how Americans - whether left or right, whether traditionally Republican or Democrat, or liberal or conservative - are going to react to this Nazi-like abuse of power. Are you going to take it lying down, and just hope that they don't come for you? Or are you going to stand against it with everything you have? Freedom and democracy is TRULY on the line. A Republic cannot stand when a powerful law enforcement agency has been thoroughly weaponized against one political and cultural faction. It simply cannot stand. So decide what you're gonna stand up for.
I predict a dark future on this Chancer. Civil War is bound to happen.
Eric Tucker and Michael Balsamo
The Associated Press

Updated Aug. 8, 2022 6:38 p.m. PDT
Published Aug. 8, 2022 4:15 p.m. PDT

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WASHINGTON - The FBI searched former U.S. president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday. Trump disclosed the action in a lengthy statement, asserting that agents had broken into his safe in a search he decried as evidence of "dark times for our nation."
The search, which the FBI and U.S. Justice Department did not immediately confirm, marks a dramatic escalation in law enforcement scrutiny of Trump and comes amid a separate but intensifying probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump and his allies immediately sought to cast the search as part of a Democratic-driven effort to keep him from winning another term in 2024, even though the Biden White House said it had no prior knowledge of it and the current FBI director, Christopher Wray, was appointed by Trump five years ago and served as a high-ranking official in a Republican-led Justice Department.
Prob'ly a TOTAL Coincidence the the Senate just Passed a bill.that provides 87 THOUSAND.wow new IRS Agents -
Cuz the Marxist 'Crats would Never EVER Weaponize the Internal Revenue Service ...
Right? ... dunno

uh oh

The IRS was weaponized under Obama ahead of the 2012 election to destroy the Tea Party movement, so it's little surprise the Biden admin is adopting similar tactics. Their corruption is brazen. Also, why does a tax agency need millions of rounds of ammunition that has been bought up? It makes no sense until you realise it for what it is - just another expansion by big government tyrants to get loyal apparatchiks on the taxpayer's dime to do their bidding. And all the while regular citizens are feeling the pain from inflation due to government overspending and malfeasance. You don't hire an additional 87,000 agents (and arm them) to go after a couple dozen billionaires who aren't paying their fair share (which is how Democrats are trying to sell it). You hire an additional 87,000 agents to harass and destroy an already suffering middle & working class.
Primary in Wisconsin later today . Conservatives need to be kicked , kicked and kicked again . This will help. Wisconsin is not the "ground zero " of primaries that Arizona was but every one has its place .
STEAMY pictures of the new First Lady Melania Trump posing NAKED emerged in the FBI's raid!!

rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
Supporters of The Don gather at Mar A Lago ...
The White House claims Ol' Joe had No prior knowledge of the raid.

Sooo ...
1) The DOJ has Gone Rogue -
Taking UnPrecedented Action & left Feckless Leader Dementi Joe outta the loop? ...
2) White House personnel are tryin' to cover Ol' Joe's Áss? ...
Ol' Joe's Lyin' like a Rug?

'Publicans have put DOJ / FBI Officials on notice to Preserve Documents & Clear Their Calendars for Congressional Oversight Investigations following the anticipated 'Crat Ballot Box Bloodbath in the Mid-Terms - now less than three months away.

This has the potential to Clinch the '24 POTUS Race for The Don.

It Sounds NUCKIN' FUTS -
But one can Damned near Speculate that this was SomeHow arranged to BENEFIT 'Publicans in the Mid-Terms & The Don in '24 ...
'Crats / DOJ / FBI have pulled off a Millipede with a Machine Gun Level of Shootin' Themselves In The Foot.

They have made a martyr out of Trump , very same reason why I did not think it was a good idea to move against Hillary Clinton .
Speakin' Of Hildebeest (And Hunter Biden) ...
very mad
This is ABSOLUTELY Millipede With A Machine Gun Level Foot Shootin' SHTF.

Wonder why it took this long. confused
Fauci says he'll leave white house if trump wins 2024 election "Best possible endorsement for Trump in 2024. Good riddance to this corrupt, evil little elf,"

Embedded image from another site
It would be gratifying to see 45 brought to court and having to account for lies and evasion and corruption. How many times would he say 'fifth' - suitably short and pithy for one of his junior high vocabulary, and what's more needs only one hand!
That's what I said Mic.

You people must feel the same way. Forget that Trump is your enemy. You don't like him. But thus, this is an absolute spit on our Constitution. No difference from being in Cuba or Korea. I'm freaking maaaaad. MFrsvery mad devil
all I can say is those that can't see what's wrong here are the true enemies of America.
Didn't the stupid Biden say he's not aware of what's happening?doh
FBI cooking up another Waco?
This time in Florida?
WH and the DOJ have gone insane!barf
Indeed C. Shit show is happening.
And these suckers are celebrating.
Ray ~laugh laugh You really made me laugh, so true, just look at the pair of them, Pelosi and biden acting the saints and courting with China's anger which you just don't do in the middle of what could be WW 3 doh
It all comes down to the freaking stupidity of Biden. Shit show is happening.
What's next Mic?
Expect more stunts and madness ahead of November. Stay on alert, but don't act out in response - because that is exactly what these nutjobs want - any excuse to expand an already expanding security state apparatus to target every day Americans. They know the writing is on the wall and they dread a Red wave in November. So expect stunts, and madness. But stay calm in the midst of it. Get involved in the political process in some way if you can to effect positive change. And of course take precautions should things get really hairy - such as having food on hand to last you during a crisis. This storm will pass.
It's the game of the destroyers Chancer sad flower
I STRONGLY Suspect This MadCap.Stunt elevates the Mid-Terms Red Wave Probability to a.Red Tsunami Warning ...
And The Don has ordered Invitations to his 2nd Inaugural Bash.

Here's a Miner's Canary to watch -
Wisconsin's 'Publican Guv Primary is held TODAY ... August 9.

Goin' into today's voting, Rebecca Kleefisch was up in polls by Two Points (Virtually Tied) over Trump-Endorsed Tim Michaels - With 14% UnDecided.

IF ... Michaels pulls off a fairly Convincing Win -
It Might indicate that the "Stunt" has Energized Trump's Base and/or pulled UnDecided/Independent Voters into The Don's Camp.

Y'all's Humble OP blushing will UpDate y'all on this Potentially Bellwether Election


It's taken so long to happen - here's hoping it is just signs of things to come.
This is anti constitutional chancervery mad
Chance I can't copy it, can you please post it on my stupid Biden blog?
@lind And are you gloating or mourning at the prospect? From your posts, rejoicing seems more probable. How on earth can you spew such nonsense?

Civil war is bound to happen? Over Trump? the 'worth' if there ever was one, of trump is plummetting, and some common sense or semblance thereof will return. To some, maybe not to the likes of those here
The Judge who apparently signed off on the warrant is Judge Bruce Reinhart, magistrate judge for the Southern District of Florida (since 2018). Prior to be being magistrate he worked in private practice - it was reported he represented various Jeffrey Epstein employees in relation to the sex trafficking investigation against Epstein.
Let's be vigilant everyone. Our world is in shambles.
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