Glyphosate, avoid any food associated with this weed killer

Avoid foods that are associated with cancer weed killers.

I recommend "certified organic food" or grow your own.
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My favorite was Stacy's pita chips until I read a study that found glyphosate was part of those delicious tasting chips.....adios

But, it's the oil that's the killer as well.......even in organic chips......canola,sunflower,vegetable all not healthy.

Homemade chips is the only this point I am chipless, 3 weeks of detox, 3 weeks of longing, 3 weeks of breaking the relationship to pieces.... laugh
Sea, I'm not surprised at all. I've been almost a 100 certified organic consumer since 2000, after my cancer. The only thing I have to give up on is the Ritz crackers which is no big deal. But chunky monkey and Cherry Garcia is going to be hard for me. sad flower
Lindsy ~ Many foods are scarce here in Dublin anyway in the major supermarkets, prices have shot up through the roof and will continue to do so due to sanctions and Brexit .
It is hard to get genuinely Organic products and when you do, they are extremely expensive.
I live on a Contributory pension and not ashamed to say that I worked all my life and paid my taxes but
what I get to live on will soon be unliveable on with the huge hikes in Electricity and Gas and everything you care to mention.
Thanks, I did hear that Lindsy. The way things are often these things are put under a different name, the same way as Sugar is labelled 'natural flavourings'
Can you grow your own? In a pot for tomatoes, herbs? We do have community plots here for people who want to participate. Free.
Lindsy ~ Yes, I have herbs, Parsley, different types of Mint, pineapple mint, Rosemary, Thyme and they are easy to grow. I also grow wild garlic in season. I am growing tomatoes in a hanging basket, they are profuse but the veg that need digging is not the easiest, potatoes, etc., I do read ingredients on all packets and tins carefully. I try to eat as cleanly as I can. Thanks. grin thumbs up Sugar is the greatest killer.
And salt. But poison in the process foods are the worst. Preservatives.

I'm glad you grow them vegetables. Very good for our health.
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