Pelosi full of praise for China

How anyone could say this with a straight face unless they're compromised

Pelosi: "China is one of the freest societies in the world... It's a strong democracy"

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I know what Calamity-Nan is full of,besides Rumraisin-Icecream,Vodka and YouKnowWhat!
yes and she us believable if it weren't so pathetic C.
Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is a country in East Asia,

Taiwan is rated Free in Freedom in the World 2022, Freedom House's annual study

China is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2022, Freedom House's annual study

She is talking about Taiwan, they call themselves China
Definitely not for the PRC. laugh
Chancer ~ They arrived , Biden and Pelosi at a strategic time and it was an inflammatory visit in that it did
exactly that, was Biden thinking of his ratings going up ? I can't imagine who advised this waste of jet fuel.
The Biden family is deeply compromised by its financial dealings with the Chinese - this is in no doubt as full details from the Hunter Biden laptop have emerged. And the FBI had this laptop in their possession since 2019 and kept details of it SILENT, essentially allowing a man who is compromised by foreign nations to not only run but become president. Think on that for a moment. But with the recent raid on Mar-A-Lago i think a lot more eyes are being opened to the corruption and overt politicization within government.
Pelosi knows china made threats and will do everything in her power to ease the tension. XI probably said I'll take this country on the back channel and they don't want anyone freaking out. In ten years Biden or Pelosi can't control what they can't stop now.
Chancer ~ Drunk as a skunk, Try singing the national anthem or giving out 'little red books ' on Capitalism and the joys of living in it. laugh
Swamie ~ The UTUBE of Pelosi is terrific. It is a serious situation but I got a good laugh.laugh thumbs up
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