Within Hours Of The FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago - The Don Retaliates

Takes Deadly Political Aim On Joe & 'Crats & Fires Opening Shots In The '24 Election

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The Raid Essentially ASSURED The Don is the '24 'Publican Prez Nominee.

Who In HELL can carry the 'CRATS' Prez Hopes ...
Kacklin' Kamala?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

It's an extremely well done ad. Kinda curious that it was ready to go right after the Gestapo FBI conducted their raid on Mar-A-Lago - almost like Don knew it was coming.
Howdy McClee. I have been watching and listening to the story above.
The best channel for me is BBC 1. It showed Trump saying he is probably the most reviled and persecuted president ever... and he is cheered.
Something the newsreader said [ I trust BBC 1] was that FBI were given the go ahead to collect the files from Mar -A -Lago but from the 3rd Judiciary. or court ? This will make sense to you but it seemed to
conclude that a higher source from FBI was needed to order such a thing .
As I say, Us politics is so different from Ireland [of course being so small ] but I am interested but don't pretend to be an expert. Trump is annoyed though, understatement. Other channesl think it is to do wtih election rigs.grin
Chancer ~ I would say he was expecting that for a long time. I'm sure Pelosi and Biden are happy it took some of the hear off their inflammatory and useless piece of war mongering and pea cocking that incensed China.
happy place LINDS IS IN HER HAPPY PLACE!! ... laugh

Part of me feels like Pelosi's unnecessary and supposedly impromptu trip to Taiwan was little more than geopolitical kayfabe. Pelosi gets to look strong. China looks to use it as justification for doing what they were doing all along. When in reality both parties know how things will turn out. Pelosi helped pass the Chips Act (not long after her insider trading hubby loaded up on chip-maker Nvidia stock), which is basically an acknowledgment that China is going to move on Taiwan. Taiwan is known as Silicon Valley East, due to the large number of semiconductors and chips it manufactures and sells to Western countries. The Chips Act allocates billions of taxpayer dollars to relocate manufacturing away from Taiwan and back home to the USA. Put it this way, it's just the sort of legislation you'd pass if you knew a Chinese move on Taiwan was imminent. Semiconductors and chips are used in pretty much all our electronics, so they're a big part of our moderns economies basically.
hug Vixen!

A Search Warrant from a judge is required for a Law Enforcement Agency to Execute A Search.

The Judge who issued the MAL Warrant is a Helluva Fine Guy -
An Obama Appointee Linked with Arch-Pédophile Jefferey Epstein ...
An operation of This Scale must've required Weeks of Planning.

The White House Press Secretary INSISTS POTUS was left Outta The Loop -
Planners likely teared the the Senile Ol' Fool would Spill The Beans if he got Anywhere NEAR A Hot Mic without a Teleprompter.

frustrated blah blah

yessss mic
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
When you say that the Don retaliates, who are you referring to?
Who is it that retaliated, against whom and why?
There is a paper trail when you acquire sensitive documents. He went thru the docs he had stolen. He knew all along it was wrong, yet he did it anyway.. wave
Hillary Clinton Vows To Never Run For POTUS Again

Former failed US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CBS on Tuesday she would never make a White House run again, but claimed Donald Trump - who beat Clinton in 2016's "Russiagate" race - “should be soundly beaten” if he runs in 2024.

She urged Republicans to “grow a backbone, stand up to this guy” while insisting she would not only endorse Joe Biden, but that he had beaten Trump in a “huge landslide victory” in the 2020 popular vote.

When suggested that the probe into her having a private server while Secretary of State bore resemblance to the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document raid, she claimed “it’s a really different comparison to what’s going on here”.
laugh thumbs up
Other than the Bobster, have you noticed how the
Cult of the Television rejoices in the presumption of guilt based on TV electro Shock pablum ? ..

The funniest thing is. ( ..um, not funny
Electro Joe ..BRING$ the EXACT specimen
The TV head warned that Trumpenstein would deliver*..
And the cult LOVES IT ! .. because the TV is doing all the thinking for him/ her/ they/ it/ Ware wolf.
* Id est... Inflation, dying economy, WW3.
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