Conspiracy theories abounding still as some people get sucked in.

Since I am banned and any rational proof of the people spewing out conspiracy theories are absolute charlatans with no medical experience whatsoever.
I just want to say that regarding the latest Blog.
Dr. David Martin is not a doctor, not a G.P. or even a chiropractor [as most are ] or a nutritional therapist.
Nope he is a Financial analyst and a self help entrepeneur who was pushing similar theories.

Facebook and utube removed both for violating harmful and untrue policies
Filmmaker Mikki Willis was also involved inthe conspiracy theory.

I could go on and give any amount of information as I do check my facts and where they come from, who are the people who spewed them over social media and sadly I have not come up once against any decent
Virologist or Speicalist in the field of Covid or any other virus .

The online newspaper that some if not most Conspiracy theories take their 'gospel ' from is sad, it is so obviously full of BS.

Check your Facts, as for those pushin Conspiracy theories and instilling fear and even God forbid stoppin gsome people with underlying conditions from getting their jabs.

God forgive them for they know not what they do.

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