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While watching some 'how to avoid car repair ripoffs' videos, I came across an episode of the TV show 60 minutes, about Nigerian scammers and how successful they really are.

This episode was based in Australia and Rosalee a woman gave $90,000 as a loan to a man she met online via photos but never met in-person. In addition to the loan, she incurred another $15,000 in phone calls.

She believes he will repay the loan.
Her brother sought the help of professional investigators. They traced the money trail to Malaysia. They created a reverse sting to scam the scammer and were able to nab the scammer and his accomplices. His phone had her number and 81 other Australian women he had been scamming.

They go to Malaysian prison then deportation back to Nigeria.

"He promised me absolutely a new life"

After telling Rosalee the outcome of the scam, she returns to the computer to find another guy. The investigators research him and he too is a scammer.

"Nobody buys me a drink... that's the whole problem"

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