Not an official vacation...

Many of the people I work with typically take vacations in July and August. I've been doing mini-vacations of a day or two locally and will probably schedule an official vacation to visit my brother in Ohio when kids go back to school... or we hear less nightmares of 1,000 cancellations on any given weekend.
I'm finishing up on 4 projects that only need some touchups and minimal service to be 100%. A few new projects have been released to manufacture and I'm currently working on another round of estimates.
So, I'm busy. Maybe a little more than I expected, but that's a good thing.

I told my flying buddies, no time to fly helicopters during the week. Practice will have to wait until the weekend.
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Chatillion ~ I personally prefer long weekends or days away than a 2 week holiday in one place, I find this as I get older. I love to see new places within my own country and sometimes being in the one place just lying in sun for a week is overestimated, just my humble opinion. Enjoy your days off.
UV, thanks!

A few years ago I worked for a company who treated their office staff on 3-day cruises in the Caribbean. I couldn't wait to get back home!
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