Happy Birthday to ...............lindsyjones

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Have a fantastic day and keep those blogs coming.
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Happy birthday lyndsy gift
Happy b-day LJ cheering applause cheering
Bill. Billlll my gosh. I don't celebrate my birthday my dearest friend.. after my cancer, I live like my birthday everyday. But geeeesh, tganks. You made my day dearest friend. teddybear
Thanks Chris teddybear
Thanks Ray. Iam reallythankfultoyouguys ....teddybear
Happy birthday Lindsy! bouquet yay yay yay yay
Chancer I'm 71 but feel like 35 hahaha. teddybear
I am so grateful for all the blessings I have and specially thankful for all of you as my friends and this site. I couldn't be happier with my life and my so full of joy. Thank you again my dear Bill.cheering
You look like 35 too bouquet ok.. I drew off 10years of cs picture storage time rolling on the floor laughing
so we'll end up at 45 then, not bad for a 71 year old.

Happy Birthday dear Lindsy-J! lips
Ozzy, age is just a number. Quite honestly? Not bragging but children say I'm like 35 years old. Full of energy and joy. I still do 200 push up a day and two hours three times a week on the treadmill.
So being 61 means nothing to me.
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Last week teddybear
Right, and I'm 10years younger but think I may be 30 years older physically.
Can you be my personal trainer? I might need those 200 pushups pretty soon wine

purple heart
Geesh typo Ozzy. 100 is the number...teddybear
Sure, 61 / 71 in your case basically the same.
But point being: you really look splendid right now at this very date!

gift teddybear
Thanks dear Ozzy. I can't wait for next month. teddybear
Have a great Birthday Phylis...........happy birthday danceline cartwheel elephant guitar violin hug
Happy Birthday Lindsyjones happy birthday

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Thanks my darling friend teddybear
Thanks my darling friend teddybear
Decent that's a ver very lovely rendition.cheering teddybear
It's been said before and it can be said again - you look 35, too. Happy birthday to you and your age-defying ways
Obs, you made my day, Thanks cheering
Did I see a candle saying 71 shock nonsense talk to hand
now take 20 off, it could be believable.

A wonderful birthday to you Ms Jones hug

it's women like you that makes aging less fearful bouquet

And Botox of course laugh lol
or so I'm told.
Happy Birthday, Lindsy! party cake
My dear Ms. Witch. Number means nothing really. But thank you cheering teddybear
(Open It For The Full Message ... grin )

Thanks Miccheering teddybear
I had a sumptuous dinner at Captain's Crab.

Thanks all my friends. teddybear
Happy day after your B-day. I got whiskey hug
Linday Jones

I WISH YOU MANY MANY MORE BIRTHDAYS, ROSIE bouquet drink pouring danceline happy birthday
S, thanks teddybear
Rosie my dear friend, I am blessed and thankful.

My gratitude to all of you teddybear heart wings lips
Happy belated birthday SR! Hope you had a beautiful day.

Johnny, I had. Thanks so much. teddybear
@ Rose!

71 But you are still beautiful and strong. Time can't do anything for you And it has proven that age is really just a number...sister! ..Wow!!
my darling sister, you're so right. Look at you, you're like 20 years old teddybear lips heart wings love you Prim. Can't wait to see you. Rod would've cherished that moment. Miss him, too.hug bouquet Ron stay blessed.
Thanks C. Maybe we'll have a cup of coffee next month. I'll let you know if you're up to. Be there for a month. wave
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