Armed suspect at FBI Cincinnati office launches Ohio police chase, shots fired during standoff

A potential threat at an FBI field office in Ohio sent police on a chase after an unknown suspect who remains at large Thursday morning, according to a source and local reports.

A law enforcement source confirmed to Fox News an incident happened at the FBI Cincinnati Field Office involving an armed suspect who fled the scene.

Unconfirmed information shared internally among agents suggested the suspect possibly brandished a nail gun and an AR-15 style rifle, the source said.

Law enforcement pursued chase, and the suspect traveled about 60 miles northwest before the pursuit ended at I-71 and Hwy 73. Multiple shots were fired during a standoff, according to the source.

Law enforcement teams are getting into position for an interaction, and roads are being closed in the area. It’s unclear whether anyone is injured, and the rationale behind the attack remains unknown.

Fox News Digital reached out to FBI Cincinnati and Ohio State Highway Patrol for more information. An FBI spokeswoman said by phone they did not immediately have any comment.

In an email to Fox News Digital, Ohio State Highway Patrol later confirmed it "is currently investigating and active incident near Interstate 71 and state Route 73 in Clinton County."

At approximately 9 a.m., an armed subject attempted to breach the Visitor Screening Facility at FBI Cincinnati, according to tweet from FBI Cincinnati's account.

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Effing idiot. This is PRECISELY the response they wanted to elicit after the raid on Mar A Lago. Now the propagandists will point to a few randos on the corners of the internet urging violence and try and tie it to mainstream Republicans and MAGA. Personally I've seen no calls for violence against the FBI and indeed I've seen countless people urging no violence and not to react in any such negative manner. People have to react in the RIGHT (and clever) way to confront these issues. No violence. Just get involved in the political process and speaking up and speaking out about what needs to be done.
I wouldn't put it past the left to have done this to make it look like a MAGA retaliation.
Damn straight.
it's possible. But I'd say it's more likely it was some idiot drunk or high on drugs who let his emotions get the better of him. Like I said, exactly the type of response they're looking to elicit after the raid because they're real goal is to institute a War on Terror 2.0 - except that this time their target isn't jihadi extremists, it's regular every day Americans who are challenging the regime's authority. People have to understand the tactical and psychological warfare that is at play here, and NO VIOLENCE!
FBI attacking itself now!rolling on the floor laughing
What a nutjob!thumbs down
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