Rivers Evaporate Amid Drought Of "Biblical Proportions" - Worst In 500 Years.

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Bad vibes

Save water Shower every other day
What happens in the world is normal!
There it is "worst in 500 years " . did they have global warming 500 years ago ?
In the Middle East & Biblical Prophecy ...

Miclee Yes it is very bad in UK , they have never experienced anything like it, The soil looks more like a middle eastern country during a drought. Here I woke up to a trickle of water as Irish Water has had to ration I suspect. No warning mind. I have been careful with water but I never remember the heat we have had [expected to be 30 = today in this City of Dublin.

Sadly wildlife suffering with fish not able to cope with warm rivers and salmon dying, rivers running very
low too. In effect it is a drought. Huge rush on the bottled water leaving older people with possibly very little if from tap. I suppose we will have something else to worry about when it gets cold and we have hardly any Gas and electricity black outs in the middle of cold conditions.
Then the penny might drop that we were better being a neutral country and looking after our own people firist. sigh
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