Smart Appliances...

This is worse than a disease... People are spending more on appliances than the kitchen that goes around them.
$10,000 for a refrigerator?
It can Wi-Fi to your phone, so if you want one with a camera to see what's inside without having to open the door... they cost that and more!

Appliances are now linked to the internet so you can access your appliances anywhere.

Washers and dryers also fall into the remote control category. You are alerted by the app on your phone when the dry cycle is done, no need to run downstairs to the laundry room to check.

One drawback: they can be hacked in the same way people are hacking doorbell camera systems.

Smart appliances... maybe not smart enough?
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Chatillion Agree, many only use the equipment once or twice and then it goes to a thrift shop like Oxfam.
Less is more for me. I did buy a Nutribullet. I use it to eat Spinach and Kale and nuts and certain foodstuffs that are very good for us but I can't stand the taste. It makes an easy drink which can be delicious if you add a banana or something sweet, Beetroot even.
The other things ae 'gimmicky' and if you have a huge kitchen you will be hard placed to remember where you keep all these things. Waste of money. Jut my opinion.
They should have a scale in front of the refrigerator, if you are too fat only the salad shelf is accessible moping
If you want 'Top of the Line' in appliances, SubZero is one of the the most popular names.
A 48" wide PRO series refrigerator with a glass door lists for $20,390.

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What a pain in the a** it is if one changes networks or the power goes out. The house becomes confused and nothing works.
Unfayzed ~ We in Europe, will have plenty of electricity blackouts this winter and Gas shortages so a simple fridge freezer for me, Both Gas and Electric cooker and of course there will be the huge bills.
Take aways ? nope, Rubbish. I like to know where my food comes from.

Fay, how often do you change networks in a house?

Most systems automatically reboot after a power failure.
Something to consider... If you can afford $60,000 to $100,000 for an appliance package, chances are you've got a standby/emergency generator attached to your house!

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The very first smart phone.

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Yeah Willy, thanks for the flashback...
100% analog, hand wired circuit board complete with rotary dial.
I recently looked into replacing my bedroom TV, and thought the LG brand would be a good choice but when I visited an LG store in Cebu City, the salesman made such a big deal about the connection between LG appliances and the TV I was put off the whole idea. I will keep the old TV and save the expense of replacing a fairly decent TV that just works as a TV
Stop moaning! laugh

Enjoy this song: Fridge Over Troubled Water...laugh
I had the smart home technology installed in my home when it was built. The only reason I did, was to make sure the garage door was down. I had turned around and drove back home to make sure..I had closed it too many times. Now, I just look at the app only phone.

I have not used it for anything else...My grandson asks Alexa to fart...then he cracks up at her. What is it about little boys and farts...Some boys never grow out of that one...professor rolling on the floor laughing
I like the idea of knowing when the washer and dryer stopped their cycles.
Some of my business is renovation due water damage.
People using their Florida home for winter and holiday.
Guests could be there when they are away so the water is on all the time.

The house is empty and a (washer or water heater) pipe breaks and the place floods for a few weeks until a property manager stops by or neighbors notice water running under the garage doors. The interior is trashed with water seeping under the flooring (wood or tile) so everything has to be removed to the raw concrete slab and replaced.

A few hundred thousand in insurance claims because no sensors were installed to the monitored alarm system.
I have 2 smart TV's and didn't connect either to the internet.
Both have antennas for local reception and one is connected to the cable that is provided by my condo association.
A few months ago I bought a fridge that cost 5 grand..She's awesome laugh

She's massive for one bloody person that's for sure

The four doors are a white matte glass..Side & back is black..Slim line cross between to doors is black

No handles poking out..Touch & she opens..Underneath the doors are hidden moulds where you can manually open & close the four doors if you choose to do so

Two top doors have a slime line when you touch they light up a pretty blue

Walk close to the fridge & those two pretty slime line blue lights glow

She dings if a door isn't closed properly

Vacuum compartment..You name it she has it laugh
Slim line not bloody slime
Slim, slime... no matter.
I'm trying to envision the lights.
That's more of a refrigerator in the bedroom when the plumber comes to visit!
Smart arse..Yeah five grand for a bedroom fridge laugh laugh laugh

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