Get ready for 'The Pit'

So, what is The Pit, you may ask.

Good question smile

The Pit is essentially a follow on from the 2000 Mules election fraud exposé. Approximately 100 influencers - with tens of millions of followers between them - have been invited to attend a presentation early tomorrow.

One part of The Pit will relate to 'the ripcord' - which is the phrase that has been used to refer to the release of underlying 2000 Mules investigation data to the public so people can see and dig and get a better idea themselves of the investigation and the various levers at play within the election system. Data released should include geo-tracking data of the mules both while the ballot trafficking operations were under way, and while they were not (ie. their regular day-to-day patterns of life in terms of where they went and where they didn't). The purpose of this is to contrast their normal movements to their NOT NORMAL movements. The not normal movements would refer to the 10 or more visits to ballot drop-off boxes and 5 or more visits to Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's). This extremely high bar set in order to be considered a 'mule' was designed to leave little doubt as to what was going on - ie. that paid ballot mules were dumping a large number of ballots in order to undermine an election (and ultimately try to steal it). NGO's involved are suspected of being 'ballot stash houses' where the mules went to collect stacks of laundered ballots, before illegally dropping them off in the drop-off boxes.

Other data released will be whatever cctv footage of drop boxes was made available. Some of this will be usable, some it has been indicated will not be usable because the video quality is so poor, and other footage simply hasn't been supplied and may have indeed been deleted (this would be a crime as well).

I'm sure other information and data will be released as well, possibly in relation to federal level (FBI) and state level law enforcement refusing to investigate when evidence of these apparent ballot mule operations were provided to them.

Another part of The Pit will involve something extremely serious, which it has been said is more serious and more scandalous again than even the 2,000 Mules story. We won't know until tomorrow exactly what that story is, but chief 2,000 Mules investigator Gregg Phillips has stated that it involves interference in the 2020 election from other countries and governments. Don't believe me? Watch this: Possibly even more worrisome is that Phillips states that he brought this to federal agents who shared his concern, but that FBI leadership shut it down, and not only that - they made Phillips a target himself. Keep all of these things in mind when you consider the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago a few days ago, and the increased weaponization of law enforcement and the FBI in general. It's looking more like the immense powers of government have been turned not just against Trump and those who challenged the election, but also against those who have worked diligently to uncover fraud that happened. So if you're of a prayerful mind, maybe just consider saying a prayer for the truth all to be revealed, and for those fighting for the truth to be protected, and for those fighting against it to be thwarted in whatever wicked schemes they may have.

The Pit will be live-streaming early tomorrow on RSBN

Please consider sharing this blog or otherwise alerting other people to what is happening. We need as many eyes and ears on what is taking place as possible.
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Fraud expose would require proof of fraud existence.

Nothing there as has been shown over and over.

Real question in my mind is why anybody still flogs this myth. We are watching the rule of law protecting us from the treachery of the the worst president in US history.
seems you're still blind in one eye,and unable to see out of the other!comfort
No matter how we can expose the truth with proof and documentation, C it won't make sense to the blind
Chancer ~ Allowing for the size of the U.S. [huge ], I still have always been amazed at the extremely long run up to the actual voting going from state to state and of all the things, the actua voting seems complicated [to me ] and open to abuse ?
I followed the last 2 elections with great interest and I hope something can be cone to ensure there are no more claims of skullduggery when it comes to counting votes.

Regarding previous comments ~ There are none as blind as those who refuse to see.

Yes the system is insane - voting for a whole month in some States. 2020 things went insane and Democrats with their army of lawyers set about weakening fraud safeguards and ultimately setting the stage for the theft of an election. Covid was their cover story - to have mass mail in voting (long considered the most insecure method of voting). Signature verification standards were lowered in many places (or just flat out ignored altogether in some places according to numerous sworn affidavits of witnesses).

Almost $500m of private money from Mark Zuckerberg's foundation was allowed into the election. Outside money should NEVER be allowed into an election. It ended up being distributed in the most part to heavily Democrat areas and served as a get out the vote operation for Democrats. Not very surprising when you understand Facebook (now Meta) employees donated over 90% to Democrats and under 10% to Republicans. Can you imagine if hundreds of millions of dollars had been inserted in to an election by a billionaire who's employees were overwhelmingly Trump Republicans? There would have (rightfully) been outrage. But it's just one other aspect to the 'rig'.

In some States election rules and procedures were even changed in violation of the Constitution. Such changes are reserved to the elected representatives in State legislatures to change. But in different States rogue governors and secretaries of state changed rules and procedures to benefit Democrats, with no consequence. The rule of law was being destroyed in real time. But because it was in the service of "getting Trump" it was just given a free pass. A case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Of course the consequences are an almost permanent erasure of trust in elections and the courts who failed to intervene to do what should have been done. Since the election, Democrats have doubled and tripled down on their fraud mechanisms. Those fighting for election integrity and transparency and counteracting fraud have been attacked and sneered at by a mostly partisan media, who are basically now little more than an arm of the Democrat Party. But a righteous grassroots uprising had been the result and more people are getting involved at the local level in politics than ever before. This terrifies the Democrats. Democrat state attorney generals as well as the FBI have arrested and opened investigations against numerous Republicans running for office, for the crime of having challenged the 2020 election.

They accused Trump of all the worst things including going after his political opponents, but in truth it's Democrats who have been doing just that. 'Projection' is the term for that - accusing your enemy of that which you are guilty of yourself. Democrats are extremely adept at that and have a mostly corrupt media to back them up, day in day out. Anyway I'm rambling a bit smile You get the message I think laugh

I'm interested to see now The Pit tomorrow. I just wonder will the thugs of the Biden regime have something up their sleeve to try and thwart the truth getting out. If they're willing to raid the private residence of the former president (and their main political rival for 2024) then I think it's fair to say there's little they won't do to try and eliminate their competition. In the case they try some BS, may they fail. And may their treachery come back on them tenfold.
people still can't grasp the fact that counts mean nothing.

ONLY full audits for verification of legal or illegal votes AND voters can prove the integrity of an election. THAT still doesn't cover any processes and/or changes made to vote. an audit goes through those as well. any means of tallying and placing the votes would go through the same.

2020 should have been a full nation wide audit. demonrats did not win honestly and they can't prove that they did. even michigan has thousands of registered illegal immigrants to vote. no telling how many dead on the voter rolls still. no telling how many ballots were stuffed. NO AUDITS DONE TO PROVE IT WAS SECURE, FAIR, or LEGAL.

basically no audits done much any where and the places that were, had many irregularities and other problems. it could affect up to a third or more across the u.s..

can't have it both ways. much more on the books to suspect and believe fraud than there is to believe the lie that it was the most secure or fair.
Imagine the amount of Network TV one must
Consume to believe in Santa Claus
& The Orange Conspiracy collusion Clusterfuch.
Noise made by people ) broadcast
Stop making sense ) talking heads
TV set ) the Cramps
.also ran ) revelation will not be on TV ) Heron.
Get ready to see Film @ speed..
Tower heist...) 2011
Back to the Future ) 1985
Bart to the Future. ) 2000 [ Simpson Episode

What do these all have in Common ? A Trump presidency characterized by chaos.
The ab ordo Chao ... coming not from Orange
Chancer ~ The insecurity of the race is crazy. What has happened to an x presidents home is crazy, now they are backing down and saying that only a couple of rooms were searched [BBC 1 last night ] and this is so obviously not true. Melania's bedroom was searched and her wardrobe [which I would imagine is a walk in affair ] plus their private safe. How bad can it get ?
What about Hilary Clintons emails ? not a word from FBI about that.

America has gone mad. When your security systems and flawed and tainted and run by people who should not be in power and things get so underhanded and dirty it is time for a seachange.
How that will be done I am not able to say but when US sneezes we all get a cold.
Agentbob Bart to the future ~ Yes, brilliant.laugh
Short preview of The Pit what to expect
The first part of The Pit talked about the release of 2000 Mules data and coordination and crowd sourcing of it into the public domain. It talked about various ways and strategy for people to get involved and to avoid a repeat of 2020, including coordination with sheriffs to snuff out ballot mule operations, legal courses of action and such, and different groups to be a part of and support, as well as technology that can be used.

The second part hasn't been revealed yet. This is what I said when I said it was a major story involving interference and coordination by foreign governments in the 2020 election. The implications for this are massive. The information was released only to the attendees initially (Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht had announced in advance this would be the case). The reason as far as I can gather is so that those in attendance can take it in, take a bit of time to research and confirm, before a rollout of information will take place in the coming days to maximize the audience reached. Attendees have hinted that is extremely serious. But they promised to keep tight-lipped until the go-ahead is given to release.

I think we are about to see some major attempts by people in positions of power to try to limit the spread of this information. It sounds that serious (and damaging to certain people).
Early talk now is that China was involved
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Live at 4pm eastern time. Interview with Gregg Phillips re. The Pit

Live with True The Vote at 7pm eastern time re. The Pit

We should get information about the foreign interference in the 2020 that was relayed to Pit attendees on Saturday.


RSBN will stream the section that was reserved for Pit attendees (concerning foreign interference in elections) at 7pm ET - 40 minutes from now
The discovery of the Chinese server that contained sensitive data of 1.8 million American election workers - explained
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