Daddy, PLEASE don't run again...

I saw an article where Ivanka expressed her desire for her father not to run in 2024. It's been hard on her and Jared as their personal lives still require security. Media follows their moves and they don't enjoy the continues stress of questions by news asking about their future. It's kind of a "Just leave us alone, we want to return to a more normal lifestyle" sentiment.
Melania is right behind her with the same sentiment.

Blog tagged family as it's family that's affected.

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Of course Ivanka and Melania do not want Trump to run again...Who in their right minds would want to go through all the nastiness from the press and political pundits?

Particularly what comes to mind, is the catty bitches from “The View.” Always, making fun of Melania and calling her stupid...when in reality, she is a very intelligent woman.

Jealous mean-spirited women...who do nothing but hate on anyone with different views.
I don't know the background to Melania's visa to America and what she was doing prior to meeting Donald. She doesn't have to worry about finances or status, even if she decides to divorce him. Strategically, it would be better for her sooner than later as he's possibly facing some legal troubles with the state of New York.
I goggled her net says 50 million...Not, too shabby...

As far as her marriage..I am not privy to that...nor, it is any of my business.

I am willing to bet Jill will not want Joe to run again either.

Remember when, we as a country respected the President.

FDR was not pictured in a wheelchair. JFK had affairs and were kept secret.

My point is...we have lost credibility on both sides..because, of the far right and the far left....and the news media who feeds us what they want us to think.
I always considered Joe to be a one-time president.
He was the anti-Trump for a moment in history and it worked.
Prospective Dem '24 Prez Nominees ..
And the Odds Givers SAY ...

Even if The Don drops out -
2nd Place DeSantis is Ranked Ten Points above Biden -
And the Rest of the Dem contenders are left in Single Digits.

I made a blog comment last week about DeSantis doing some rally support for other Republicans and told a friend that it appears he's 'self-grooming' to run in 2024.
My friend believes his Hispanic heritage may hold him back with some conservatives.
miclee, you would probably know something about the Republican party pulling payment for Trump's legal fees if he decides to run in 2024.
Rumor or true?
That guy can do no wrong.
Trump does and say whatever he wants with no consequences.
what is it with trump supporters? Trump did the lockdowns and operation warp santis opposed the lockdowns and is doing a great job in trump has so much baggage...clearly a deep stater and is i bed with big pharma.

The choice would be simple...but they still think trump is a god and can do no wrong....even after the lockdowns and forced jabsdoh
Remember the Jim Jones Massacre?
Same concept.
After that incident, the Republicans started using 'drinking Kool-Aid' as a response when they disliked things Democrats said. As though they were drinking Kool-Aid.

It's reversed in the case of Trump where thousands of supporters pay to get into his rallies.

What flavor?
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