WEAPONIZED IRS Agents???????WTF???????????

Since Biden has lost so many military members and few are signing up..........he has now decided to give IRS Agents FULL AUTHORITY to use "lethal force" (that is listed in the "recruitment brochure") when going after 'tax truants'...NOT the big Corporations, mind you, where they are making "record-breaking profits".
No, it's the small business people they want to fleece. It has been known for YEARS that small business has been the strength of America. So, in an effort to further weaken our economy, Biden has that segment of the population on his mind. Never mind that he let the Taliban have over a BILLION$$$ worth of tax-payer funded military gear. That's inconsequential. This sort of "government overreach" smacks of a situation in a EEuropean country about 80 years ago.Then they were called 'the Gestapo" and the "SS". Those who were recruited were the youth of the country who believed whole-heartedly in the propaganda. Back then, they were called the "Brown Shirts" and were in their late teens to mid 20s......................................................... think of some "GenZ"ers right now....hmmmmm
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very mad

The 'Crat "Inflation Reduction liar Act" will make their IRS / Gestapo Larger'n the Pentagon, State Dept. & Border Patrol ... COMBINED!! ... shock

This November -Vote R.E.D. ... REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT!! ... devil

Channel ing another Dee jay..
Inflation reduction
( 4 reels.) ...would consist of
Also... pardon my notification..$ ..
..but Joe has been in office sum time now..
..$0 why R the media moguls keeping Trump
Front page above the fold..?!?!?
Esp. with this ww3 in motion & the
Economic Entropy in hyper drive...
And this November ( if you live in N. Europe
..try & stay alive.
Too many people now know the IRS is not a part of The United States of America....The Republic. It is a D eep S tate corporation located in Puerto Rico....I'm sure that's why the dems tried to make PR the 51state to help with the lack of credibility issue.

This is where the non critical thinkers need to ask themselves,,,Why did Trump say he was going to abolish the IRS? Look at my Nesara/Gesara blog for more details....


IRS Hires 950 Thugs—Overnight

The Internal Revenue Service has yet to receive its $80bn taxpayer gift but has already begun a mass hiring spree, according to agency insiders speaking under promise of anonymity.

On the morning of August 7, only hours after Deep State fool Kabula Harris delivered a tiebreaking vote that strengthened an agency of grifters, the IRS began working a backlog of applications and accepting new ones. It approved 950 overnight.

One source told RNN that the IRS is applying rather unusual and discriminatory standards to whom it hires.

“It’s not hiring bean pushers—accountants. Right now it’s hiring men with a physically intimidating presence, and applicants with a military or law enforcement background get shuffled to the top of the deck,” he said. “They’re getting rubberstamped.”

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig has said he wants to “massively strengthen” the agency’s Criminal Investigation Division, which, according to him, currently employs approximately 1500 Special Agents. Sources, however, claim the actual number of active Special Agents is several times that figure.

A recent IRS recruitment ad on jobs.gov read: “Key requirement for applicants is that they have to be “legally allowed to carry a firearm,” and “major duties” include “Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary” and “Be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments…and look good doing it.”

By the next day, the ad had been rewritten to omit references of deadly force and looking good, possibly due to media backlash and stories RRN had written about the agency’s gung ho attitude, and the military’s seizure of a shipment of sniper rifles bound for the IRS in Washington, D.C.

When RRN reached out to the IRS for a comment on the employment ad, the hiring process, and the weapon requisitions, an agency spokesperson bluntly said, “We don’t speak to the likes of you.”

This was a typical response given to anyone not associated with the mainstream media, our source said.

“They won’t tell you shit. Not how many new hires will be CIs. Not how many guns they’re looking to get. But Rettig recently put in a purchase order for 22,000 sidearms, so, assuming one sidearm per agent, 22,000 new Special Agents. A little less than a quarter of what they’re hoping to hire. So, they’re not gonna find 87,000 new employees overnight, and probably not in the immediate future, but it’s only a matter of time, and don’t believe the IRS mouthpieces who say it’s to replace retirees. That’s a load of crap. The IRS’s goal is to militarize itself,” he explained.

Commissioner Rettig, he said in closing, feels that average Americans don’t pay enough taxes, and those persons who get refunds generally don’t deserve them.

“Have you noticed the IRS renamed its offices from IRS buildings to IRS Tax Assistance Centers. The only thing they want to assist you with is going bankrupt and making you dependent on government handouts, conditionally,” he said.
Shades of the accountant backed by the mob boys. Or are we returning to the revenuers going after those moonshiners? What next? Store clerks are authorized to shoot shoplifters? Are IRS agents to conduct raids like SWAT on a meth lab? Seems like the raid on Maro Lago has gone to Bidens head. Hide your grain people, secret the hogs and cows in the woods. If you lock your door, the IRS is now allowed to knock it down while armed because you thought you could deduct that trip for business or those prescriptions for hives.
Watch the IRS comb every tax return that is not using the standard deduction form. H&R Block are now co-conspirators. Corporate bookkeepers will be watched. Every CPA is a criminal.
Heil Biden.help
"The Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are successors of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Puerto Rico, the BIR to IRS name change being effected by T.D.O. 150-29, in 1953; BATF was split from IRS in 1972 by administrative order, not by Congress' statutory authority. No new governmental entity was created. These agencies, which are not part of the Department of the Treasury of the United States or the Treasury of the United States, have legitimate authority only in insular possessions and territorial waters belonging to the United States, all of which are subject to Congress' plenary power under Article IV § 3.2 of the Constitution. Neither has statutory authority beyond borders of the District of Columbia save in insular possessions of the United States, per 4 U.S.C. § 72." [Dan Meador, The Masters of Deceit]
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