Nearly 40 years under a fatwa

Cowardice in the name of a god - almost 40 years. I've read several of Rushdie's novel's but not 'The Satanic Verses' rivetting writing with shocking impact and disturbing indeed. A very great writer, under the murder threat for so long. Shame on Islam I say, shame on the fatwa! 'Shame' I had read way back then.
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Fargofan ~ Salman Rushdie wrote many books and as you already know he is Indian.
I don't know if you remember a film called 'The life of Brian ' it was a send up of Jesus and Christianity.
It was a funny film and it did mock many of the things in the bible but we have free speech and although
a Christian, I was not offended to the extent I would want the producer of the film and those involved killed or their head chopped off for a bounty.
I remember when the book came out and sure you do too. The mayhem from Iran and the Fatwa. The funny thing about many Muslims [and I have studied the Q'uran at mosque ] I love studying religions, they seem to get more offended if you make fun of the prophet Mo. than if you say anything against God.

There are pretty 'weird ' parts of the Book that would not lead me to think this Mohommed would be picked to be a prophet, he as sex obsessed and his personal life was stealing caravans and fighting and 'what ye shall get with the left hand ye shall have ' as in it is ok to rape a woman in war. Add to that Sharia law and you have a comedy waiting to happen.

The past 10 years Salman stupidly was not using his security aids as much as he had gone to live in exile as the 3million bounty is still on his head.
As you again, probably know, his liver was punctured several times with a knife, he may lose one eye completely and he was badly knifed in the neck.
In some ways writing a book making fun of the Q'uran was not his cleverest move even if the book drew attention in a funny way to the obscenity of some of the beliefs.
* Fatwah
Claiming to have 'god on your side' as an excuse for murdering to me is just inexcusable and unforgivable. Rushdie did not laugh or deride. The Fatwa was and remains a crime in itself.
Fargo ~ Agree , Salman would have been aware and read the Q'uran and other books and known the how the command is to kill those who make 'blasphemous' comments about the religion or Q'uran. Ironically many paarts of the Q'uran, I found to be extremely abusive to women, sexually perverse and not a religion of tolerance or love.
I appreciate not all believe but the parts I found out, I found out myself whilst studying in English. The amount of stoning that still goes on for women who are caught in adultery in Pakistan and Iran and the hatred and inability to take any form of joke about their prophet is pathetic.
Remember je suis Charlie. I just hope the man does not die. He was a good writer.

Believe you me, at mosque they say plenty of very nasty things about Christians. I speak from experience.
Have a nice day. The day free speech goes we are in deep trouble.
That is bastardized Islam. When something is displeasing muslim culture.
Jihad this, jihad that...I have muslim friends in Kampong Pandan , Malaysia. I love them like auntie & uncle. We share food, happy childlike moments, problems & prayers. Real Islam is about brotherly love. Funny, I am a catechist..LOLS Asalamu alaikum ...
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