Why Trump is running for President again

In spite of his daughter Ivanka's plea for him not to run again, Trump is committed to make a difference for this world and humanity.

I read a very good comment about who'd be in their right mind to do that with all the evil people that want to ruin the country and humanity.

But he's not going to heed his daughter's advice. Why? Because he loves to leave a legacy of what a great country America is under a good and competent leadership. He knows what it takes to make America great. He has the courage and strength to stand against all these people and organizations who want to destroy America.

I will support him with all my strength, my hopes and prayers. Will you?

Let's stand behind the man, the man that will lead us to a better future. The man that will keep the founders of the New World alive. The man that knows what's best for America. Trump. Long live the USA.

Are you with me????? cheering dancing teddybear heart wings
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I'm so happy Ray cheering
Yes indeed. Did you see the latest poll?

Shamon these blind people who can't see what Trump is doing for us.very mad
This FBI raid shows they don’t think they can fix the next election, especially after what happened in Arizona with the MAGA election wins, Dems are desperate wave
For sure Lindsey we in Canada want to see things in America being led into a more normal state than it is now.
Personally, I believe that Trump is the one to do it....................cheering .............thumbs up
thumbs up
The Mar A Lago Raid was a Desperate Gambit & it's Blown Up in the Face of Marxist 'Crats -
'Publicans are now Energized & Independents are Enraged.

The Marxists Gambled - CALCULATED - That some aspects of the Raid would elicit a Violent Response from The Don or his Supporters -
Such as the Riots for which the Left have become Infamous.

Y'all can IMAGINE The SHTF if The Don's DOJ had Raided an Obama Residence & Ransacked Micelle's Personal Garments -
There'd've been Smoke In The City, lemme tell Y'all!!! .... devil

Thank God! Neither The Don nor His Supporters have Risen to such Despicable Bait - YET.

The Uprising will be of a NonViolent Nature -
An EPIC Red Tsunami Ballot Box Bloodbath in under 90 Days - The Countdown's Begun ...
Tick ... Tock ... Tick ... Tock ... ... ...

Looking forward to '24 -
One political observer has flat out stated: "After the FBI Raid, only an Act Of God can stop Trump from becoming Presidency in '24 - If he develops some sort of health problem."


yes Ray, any trick tgey can pull. But it looks like the backfire is strong. They're ruining their own camp.
cheering absolutely Jen. Keep an eye at any indication if their support. cheering Post it here Jen. The world needs it cheering
I'm more than positive Mic. I'm sure as the heavens, we're going to make itcheering cheering
'Crats Finally acknowledge Ol' Joe's Senile & Grope for Someone -ANYONE -
Willing to Get Beat like a Rented Mule & commit Political Suicide running for 'em in '24
https://www.youtube.com/Watch?V-/OgWjrXUCPgk blues
Kacklin' Kamala ? ... smile
Hildebeest ? ... laugh
Rear Admiral giggle Buttigieg ? ... rolling on the floor laughing

Kommiefornistan Guv Newsom ??? ... crazy
Why Not Their J6 "Integrity Diva" - Dizzy Lizzy Cheney ? ... dunno

Those 'Crat Prez Options aren't merely FOX News Speculation -
That field of Glue Factory Refugee Losers is the Same Bunch identified by Pro Odds Givers ...
Ol' Joe's the ONLY 'Crat given a Double Digit Chance of bein' Prez - But Just BARELY.

'Crats are - As Of Now -
Caught between a Rock covered with Scorpions ...
And a Hard Place that's On Fire ... violin

'Crat '24 Presidential Cannon Fodder ...

very happy

so hilarious its pathetic Mic.wave
I guess its OK that Bambam has thousands of classified documents in his pres library cause the door has a good lock on it and a guard.
In the Dems stupid rage, they managed to once more, call attention to Trump. So instead of him fading into obscurity, they guarantee his message keeps on giving. Plus, when Biden should be tooting his horn..see what I just did, media attention is on...TRUMP.rolling on the floor laughing
I heard they want to push Trump to declare so they can crucify him on something. But, smart as he is, he doesnt fall for it and sticks to running while NOT declaring. Which panics the Dems even more.
Sock it to em, sock it to em.banana thumbs up
Do I particularly LIKE Trump. No. Do I want him as POTUS again. Not really. Will I vote for him again..SURE AS Sh9t.
Ask and ye shall receive. The Dems asked for it and they are going to get it big time.very mad
Don't get blinded by rethorics, this poster who was condemning political blogs specifically for or against Trump is now the same poster that's stringing political blogs day after day. What a hypocrisy in the real sense. tongue
A liberal that likes to tell other people what to do then do whatever they feel like , that’s very unusual confused
The JerseyJim Stand-In?laugh
That's what I am talking about K.bouquet
stupid as his president Raycheers good morning wave
yes. He complained so much and now he's stringing more anti Trump post like that old jersey guy C.wave
Yes, the show is on so bring it oncheering
Of course we want him back cheering
He's the only one who's capable in making the world safe.
BREAKING! FBI & DHS Bulletin Warns of Dirty Bomb Threat & Calls for Civil War in the wake of the Mar A Lago Raid Fiasco!!

The Swamp Creatures didn't GET their anticipated Violent Reaction -
So they're Fabricating it ...
A WEEK AFTER The Raid?!?!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

This is SOOO Freakin' Desperate!!

Are the Stupid Sum'bltches more TRANSPARENTLY PATHETIC?

rolling on the floor laughing

And in order to churn out those TDS blogs..
..he must duct tape his face to CNN...err,
.....poly sci MCFLY..... Standby..) ..
Too drunk to [ Family ) dead Kennedys
.. shoot shoot ) Batmobile
C. TV set. ) .the Cramps
2. Amerikan Idiot ) Green Day
1. T.V. party ) black Flag
.also ran.) 3rd down 110 to go ) Winchester
McNote. ) .will Do. ) TV on the radio.

He said...) ." We will know our work is complete
...when everything the Amerikan people believe
1$ FALSE.." - Bill Casey ( see eYe A....1985ish.
And don't be $0 easily deceived Conservative
Person, thing, Ware wolf...
In 2020 ( and parts of 2019
..45 made the world safe for Pfizer Fauci & those terrific Ultra $afe Experimental Vaccines
Hannity FOX et al...were ALL IN on the concept of
Warp Speed FEMA pharma..) .when will that sink in.?
( You do real eYes that shutting down the entire country for the wimpy COVID flu... constitutes fraud, sedition & community Communism ? ) Or do U ?
..Just recently Orange man is making New Jersey safe for $audi Arabic Golf....it's a matter of being
Rather obviously obvious...
45. ) Gaslight Anthem
. pandemic ) Comethazine
Machine gun blues ) $0cial distortion
Corona ) minutemen
...$ynthesis. | $0cial Q ) cage the Elephant

McBob. ) It would appear I'm the only one present
..who isn't swayed by the red - blue paradigm of
Exponential Government Lying.
And just in case you folk were not aware..
Let me spell it all out for you...
The people most hurt by the Warp Speed operation.
...( This too is Obvious ) ..$hift LOCK..

I agree that senior citizens will be most hurt by the this bill...But not just white and conservative...It will be those living on a fixed income and will not have the luxury of buying new cars or paying more for everything...

Good Lord...it has nothing to do with the color of your skin or your political affiliation...

I agree though, the IRS will go after lower incomes..they will have to to pay for it.
either way Mic.

It's happening and I am ready.
911 + Patriot act...) Ever think that 1 thru ?
... FBI & Finders
Aquino & Gunderson..
I R S...) . International revolution soon...

How many more times ? .. again, no high school drop out. No RoTC cadet, No author. No witness..
No monkee...has ever - in his R ight mind...found a Government man to be credible-- going all the way back to honest Abe....
Ain't seen nothing yet ,} B T 0.
... Elements .) . Atheist
Tell her, NO..} . Zombie + s.
A few examples for slow generation Z.

From 1945 to 1955/06...UN, Community Communism moved ( & gobbled up.) @ 44 sq. Miles..per day
East to West..
World wide..- Cantelon ( day the dollar died
(..he may have wrote per hr. - but I'm typing on ram.
..( ..and the finesse of the Op & the Finance was
Provided by U S state.dept. & major Foundations..ie, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford...and by sleeping $enators making " - U may have heard this - "L A W.".)
Just off the top of memory...
Rampant ) Nazareth
.secret Treaties ) .blue Oyster cult.
C. Truth | Washington.
.2...eYe know they Lie.) 5 Amerikans
1. Full Communism ) down town boys.
..also ran. ) Little Donkey ) rocky fellers.
lyndsy ~ There was a time i would have politely disagreed but events and appalling behavior on behalf of Democrats and other information that has come my way have changed my mind about Donald T. I hope he gets back in . I really do. Especially with us on the edge of WW3.
I'm hoping my dear Rosie
yes, red all the way
you are delusional...you must be retarded in some kind of way...Trump is an a**hole...not to be trusted...but as a banana...you are dangerous...how dare you forget immigrants rights and needs...you are a Benedict Arnold...nuff said...say hi to the captain...lol...wine
if I'm delusional then you must be in lala land. But once in a while you show up your crazy and ugly face so rolling on the floor laughing tongue cheering
a lot to be said Bob.
Hahaha the to anti Trump is in the house. rolling on the floor laughing
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