Tim Tebow Has Helped Rescue Thousands from Human Trafficking, Inspired by What His Father Did

Tim Tebow has been fighting human trafficking for years and his organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation, has saved thousands around the world.

In a recent Instagram video, Tebow shared a bit about his work.

“A few years ago, we deepened our fight in this terrible evil in the world of human trafficking and child exploitation,” he said.

“In the last 365 days, we’re so excited to share with you that we have grown so much and been part of rescuing thousands and building safe homes in so many different countries.”

TTF is now raising money to build a protection center in Thailand for girls who have been rescued from human traffickers.

These girls “are still in danger with active threats, death threats and prices on their head, just so they can’t testify against their trafficker,” Tebow noted.

“This protection center will provide love, safety and care for 40 girls at a time,” he said. “But right now we have to act urgently. There are 15 girls in Thailand waiting on this home.”

Tebow shared a few years ago how he became passionate about fighting human trafficking.

In an Op-Ed for Fox News, the former football star said his father once purchased four young girls overseas in order to give them their freedom.

“My dad was not going to be the man who did nothing. Had he just stood there silently, who knows where these girls would have been taken and what would have been done to them,” Tebow wrote.

Since then, TTF has helped thousands more.

In an interview last year, Tebow said he wants to focus on his charity work rather than return to sports, according to USA Today.

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What a blessing this Tebow organization is Willy and so much needed.
I sure hope and pray they will receive the money needed to build more safe homes.thumbs up
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