Has technology played a role in the dissolution of the traditional family...

Just have a moment here...

Think about the woman's role in the household. Not long ago, it took hours for the laundry to be done or for the food to be cooked.

Think about the man's role in the family. It took real muscles to work in the mines and in the forest and to protect the family.

Now think about how technology has effected those traditional roles.

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Your points are valid but I don't think they're the main problem. The nuclear family was maintained by the expanded family. Physical mobility (as opposed to upward mobility) has destroyed the role of grandparents and cousins in most cases.
Yes. The traditional roles were the way they were because people needed them. We are only individuals now that I need you to be a graphic designer, family was the enterprise but now we have free enterprise in a much larger and complicated structure. It used to be that men were generally good at this, women generally good at that, but now machines do better what we were generally good at therefore we give ground to each individual specialty. Like a graphic designer. We need each individual to be something rather peculiar by comparison to history.
It is up to the family...technology can help to reach out to family members far away.

I use it to FaceTime with my son, who is now living in Washington. He gives me tours of the home he is living in...and, the hospital he is now working at....Mount Rainier is visible from the parking lot of the hospital...

I also FaceTime with my great-granddaughter...I have not met her in person..but, I have watched her grow and she always smiles at me...She is a very happy baby.

The rest of my family I see or talk to almost every day.

And what about when the lady holds s*x out against the guy just because he didn't take her out to the new expensive restaurant in town that all her friends have been telling her is so great?

The guy's working all the time. He forgot to make the reservations for the place, and now she's holding out on s*x against him just because of that. Come on now, let's be reasonable. Anytime she doesn't get what she wants, she holds out s*x against him.

What is that all about, huh? Sheesh!! Talk about traditional ways!!! doh

Johnny, Soon it will have gone full circle. The woman, if she wants to, can run the house from her place of work, be that the surgery or the forest, using apps on her smartphone.
The permanent husband is no longer a necessity, that person has, in many cases, been replaced with a live in 'Blonde' replaceable partner with no permanent contract. Women no longer need the hassle of trying to 'encourage' a husband to help out with house chores.
Some may still opt for this old fashioned lifestyle for a generation or two but it's already a thing of the past.
Welcome to the 21st century. cool
let's talk more about tis later...

I do not understand why we have traditional roles for men or women...we are so much more complicated than that...technology has its place but we still need one another...
I hear, many ways, the cia destroyed traditional marriages.
How so galrads?
Please post a funny political meme as and example.
Well Hello there Crazyheart flower

Hellooo there Loulou flower

Nice to see both of you pretty ladies again. Cool! cool
hey Robert...wine
Hello TTK,

That is an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing it.

Hello CC,

That is how I see it too. There was a need for a traditional family before all this technology. They were a team to tackle the hardships of living...now those hardships have decreased.

Hello Gone,

That is true...technology can make a family more dynamic...like you mention, as far as communication is involved.


Robert...I read you comment late last night and only one thought occurred to me after reading it. That is...does a woman weaponize sex if her partner has a 10" thingy?


Hello Marlot,

I do agree with you....however, I think the same can be said about man as well.

Marlot...I would also add...that now couples do not just need to "settle" for any partner in life for the sake of survival.
Hello Ms. Heart...how are you? Have you settled yet? laugh

Hello L.L.,

They were needed back in the day. Today, they are not needed...technology can have the clothes washing while somebody is on the way to the grocery store to buy food, instead of out in the woods hunting it.

Hello Gal,

I heard the Rockefellers played a role....are they part of the cia? dunno

As a side thought....there are only two things I can think of that technology has not really replace that a traditional family brought to one's life...

That is the feeble nature of old age...and having a loving partner there for each other in the home.
Second, loneliness...online communications and physical touch are not the same.
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