Should a "man" feel inadequate?

Does size matter? In some cases not. There are women out there looking for that loving emotional connection, but as time goes on, I feel as if that loving emotional connection is less and less being sought after by women, and their physical wants and needs are becoming more important to them.

.....and rightfully so....


Now to the delicate question of this blog. Should a "man" feel inadequate? I think at one time, a man was taught he had to be a "man" to please his partner. Don't get me wrong, I think that still holds value today. However, maybe in a difference sense than what it was a few years back. I think women like variety. I think women crave variety. How many times have you heard that women get bored in the bedroom? Therefore, man only given the one tool by God can only do so much for the female hunger for variety. In that sense, any man alive may be inadequate for a woman craving a large variety.

So...with that said...Should a "man" feel inadequate if a woman wants to introduce the use of toys into the relationship?

Maybe at one time...I think the answer to that was yes.

But understanding the dynamics that can be brought to the relationship for the love of a man's partner, I think the answer to that today is no.

What do you think?


And by the way Robert, I am not talking about Mr. Potato Head....or am I? laugh
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Yes he or even she should feel inadequate if sex becomes strange games and props. Inadequate might not be quite right for one or both parties becoming dangerously bored. But you're right about variety if variety means a multifaceted personality in contrast to the transparent, one-dimensional man in the majority.
Hello CC,

Very interesting that you add a dynamic personality into the mix. I think that is a very valid point as well.

I'll tell you what women like. Surprisingly long words from a man who can also do plumbing. Not all words being long words of course, that would be monotonous.
CC....long words. I have never heard that one before. Hmmm.
yes, obviously the man could no longer please his partner so she's looking for something elselaugh
Hello Ms. Heart,

Yes. It could very well be that. However, it could be just the human nature of curiosity that women have as well.

However, if it is just as you say. Then the question is, are there some women out there...that one man can never satisfy them?

...because, is it fair to say, there some that like multiple pleasure spots stimulated at once.
...all of course while keeping this blog "G" rated. laugh
Fair enough Ms. Heart...I think I misread your comment as meaning something in the woman goes out and finds a new partner. However, after the invention of various toys, that something else could indeed imply the implementation of toys. doh
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You notice how I used a long word there. rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Robert,

No wonder why Aerosmith become so popular among women. laugh

Johnny: "...because, is it fair to say, there some that like multiple pleasure spots stimulated at once."

What the heck? doh
What kind of blog is this? Talking about multiple pleasure spots simulated or stimulated."
SHEESH! Darn R rated, or X rayed blog!!! wow
laugh Robert, this is G rated. It was designed and intended for your 1/64th innocent eyes. tongue laugh
I wonder if CH has ever purchased any Mr. Potato heads. laugh They banned Mr. Potato Head for a reason Robert. laugh
G spot rated? doh

I think I need a drink after reading all this. drinking
They banned Mr Potato Head? Why? That's just crazy!

What next? Are they going to ban Mr Banana too?

Now your mind is just wandering on you Robert. laugh

I went to the doctor, had some terrible sinus headaches. The stupid doctor gave me prescription pills that did nothing for my headache, but instead the pills gave me an er*ction for a straight 2 hours, a side effect of the pills. doh

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I asked, "Should I just throw them away?"

He answered, "Heck no! Give them to me, I could use them!"

Whatever that all meant. dunno
laugh Robert. Is that why women love doctors Robert? laugh

Okay bud....I need to get my day going here. It is that time.

Take care, thanks for the great fun. I will be on later.


Nice seeing you again too...CH. You have made yourself a stranger on here.

Naah, I'm working here . just got back from a long vacation , have a lot of catcing up to do bit I hear you and your G rated blog!
Don't fret Johnny. Could be she's just used to larger objects. You don't want that one anyway, and it's really not all that its cracked up to be. You know...Having uhmm ahhh errr.... yeah, that thing mentioned in Roberts song. I get tired of that cringe look on her face as it's hitting the cervix anyway, and I'm sure she does too. Can I say cervix?
Okay, let's look at this logically. A man can be anywhere from much too small, to much too large to give proper pleasure to his wife. (I'm Jewish, so I don't contemplate adulterous relations, nor discuss them.) In the case of too large, there may not be much one can do, but I have heard of this situation. In the case of too small, as the OP mentioned, toys can be brought into play. But that can be done with too large, as well. It is up to the two spouses. But, some people are offended even by the idea of "toys". Why? Some relate it to idolatry. In such a case, one may alter the shape and color to make it perfectly clear that this is not any kind of "being", or "false god".

As for the feelings of inadequacy, if the man is thinking only of himself, then he might think that way. But, if he is thinking only of his spouse, and how he can make her feel optimal pleasure, then inadequacy should never come to mind, and, in theory, her spouse will be "perfect" for her. This is the beauty of marriage.

Now, women have "size" too. And somewhere between too large and too small, is "perfect". This will vary between married couples. Those that are not physically "perfect" for one another, should make every effort to help their spouse in every way possible. Child-birth will affect this too, as does age, physical and mental health, etc.

The bottom line is, that feelings of inadequacy are primarily due to ego. When one has no concern for ego, other concerns may well vanish, and the marriage will survive well, if the two help each other always. When the two become one, then only the marriage matters, and they will look after each other always.

I hope this helps. I was married for 26 wonderful years, to a woman that was 18 years older than me. As the man once said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” ? John Keats.

Its not the size of the sausage its the size of the alleyway he has to throw it down

innocent banana innocent
Role play is fun, occasionally, and adding toys in is fun, occasionally. If a couple find there is less spontaneous uncomplicated sex and more toys and fantasy, that suggests a basic problem. But if both enjoy the role play / toys, not a problem, they are lucky to have found each other. . hug
Nice seeing you CH.

Hello Loh....yes...cervix is legal. laugh
Hello Iyyov,

Thank you for sharing everything you have said there. I cannot disagree with anything, you said everything very well and I appreciate that.

To sum it up, it comes down to love and marriage, communication, and dedication to each other.

thumbs up

Hello Blue,

As it sounds at this point, size is a two way street....but can be rectified from both angles.

Hello Suzie,

I agree with you as well. I think women are a bit more complex than men when it comes to bedroom activities...and being open minded to add additional tools to the trade may not be all that bad, and perhaps welcome.

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