10 Similarities Between The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Raid And Spygate

The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago reveals the deep-state cabal and their corrupt media partners deployed no fewer than 10 of the same tradecrafts used to push the Russia-collusion hoax. And with that, history is repeating itself with the same corrupt plot.

1. A Shocking Storyline of Trump Putting America at Risk
With the Russia-collusion hoax, Democrats and a complicit media cartel warned the country that Trump’s relationship with Russia presented a clear and present danger to America. While the reporting oscillated from Trump being too pally with Vladimir Putin to Putin having leverage over Trump, to Trump being a Russian agent, the narrative underlying the hoax was one that, if true, presented the public with a serious national security concern.

Similarly, the hoax surrounding the search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home rests on claimed misconduct which, if true, raises concerns of a dire national security crisis. Like having a Russian stooge or agent in the White House, Trump keeping supposedly top-secret documents unsecured in his Florida home suggests a serious threat to our national security.

In both cases, the seriousness of the supposed threat to America’s national security seeks to justify the government’s extreme measures to target Trump.

2. The Building of a Narrative
To support the idea that Trump’s supposed misconduct created a serious risk to America, both the Biden administration and the press quickly converged on the “classified materials” narrative. But none of the crimes on which the Mar-a-Lago search warrant was premised involved crimes related to the illegal possession or storage of “classified materials.” Nonetheless, the media coverage immediately framed the raid as based on the presence of “classified” and even “top secret” materials. Supposed government sources even went so far as to claim the material kept at Trump’s home related to nuclear secrets.

Coverage of the raid sought to further cement this narrative in the public’s consciousness by quoting past public officials bemoaning Trump’s disregard for American secrets. By quickly framing the raid as concerning classified materials, the bad guys hoped the public would ignore the outrageousness of a search of a former president’s home. The backlash came nonetheless, but had the public understood that the fight concerned documents desired by the United States archivist, even stronger pushback would have been likely.

This same scenario played out with SpyGate, with the supposed standard-bearers of journalism reporting Trump and his campaign’s every connection to Russia to create a backdrop against which Trump would be believed to be a Russian collaborator. But unlike SpyGate, Americans have seen this show before and recognize the plot.

3. Leaks, Leaks Everywhere, and Not a Name to Seek
To build their preferred narrative, the Department of Justice and the FBI began leaking like a spigot. While Attorney General Merrick Garland stoically proclaimed during his press statement that he will speak through his court filings, his underlings sowed various storylines throughout the press — and always as unnamed sources.

Americans saw the same scenario from 2016 on, when leaks to the media revealed everything from the FISA surveillance of Carter Page, to the briefing of President Donald Trump on the salacious details of the Steele dossier. The leaks, then, sought to further the Russia-collusion storyline, and now they seek to push the idea that Trump committed a crime that threatens our country’s national security.

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Trump’s Espionage? Washington DC and the Pundits Won’t Talk About This, But I will
August 16, 2022 | Sundance | 392 Comments

Reading all the professional political chatter from both wings of the uniparty bird about the DOJ position on the Trump raid in Mar-a-Lago, something sticks out to me that readers here will relate to, but others, likely not so much. Consider this written to all the reasonable and intellectually honest people.

You see, there is an actual mechanism that is being ignored by members within the professional DC silos and the DC ‘outrage’ stenographers. I was reminded of it when reading the professional obfuscation in the Wall Street Journal as they outlined how Merrick Garland “weighed the raid on Mar-a-Lago for several weeks” prior to August 8.
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