Faith without deeds of obedience

So many believers believe in Grace through faith only, in Jesus:they will be saved.
So they believe bible and Jesus but obey not him ! how can they be saved so ?
Surely not ! Jesus said if you obey my words or my commandments you show that you love Me.
So it mean: by believing and obeying God and Jesus people will be saved.
So if you obey at least two greatest commandments:1.Love God with all heart..., your neighbours
as yourself. neighbours are all people.Jesus said:if you do so you shall live.And so it will lead you to salvation.
So many believers believe Jesus without obeying him so their faith is dead or false without deeds of
obedience .So they will not be saved.But those that believe and obey Jesus will be saved.
So disobedience is Treason Jesus said for christians who disobey Jesus,disobey his commandments
and his words will not be saved.
So are you obeying Jesus or not ?
So many christians disobey Jesus but they only believe in him and that is dead faith.
So believe and obey Jesus and you will be saved.
So devil has blind so many christians to not obey Jesus or his commandments!
so are so many who go in hell.
Jesus said to them i never knew you in matthew 7:15-23.
So knowing Jesus,knowing God is not by reading bible but by obeying him and his commandments.
God bless.

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