Bloviators in far away lands

It's amazing how many experts of The United States of America there are that don't even live anywhere near America. They seem to know the intricate workings of our government from halfway around the world, when in fact all they do is bloviate their brainwashed opinions and offer no solutions. They are so used to living in their own socialistic surroundings that they have become immune from reason. Without living here in America they have no idea what they are talking about, only what their socialistic media outlets feed them.

My advice to those who practice this type of thing is 'Don't knock it until you've tried it.'
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Not you and that word as well. You're a culty bunch aren't you
Fortunately Ripper the Empath & Yoda the Lexicographer are here to put a hockey body check on all the malarkey & Jargon monoxide.
I believe that there is even a bloviatrix involved, (or so I'm told)...........wink
I wonder if some are afraid of Trump because if USA says America first they will be left to their own destiny. It is emotional and they don’t see how trump stopped all the wars. They are ok with all the killing in Ukraine that would never have happened on Trumps watch.
interesting for certain.

one leader with policies that primarily worked like they were supposed to. evenly across all back grounds and across the globe.

that is what and how the u.s. government is supposed to work. for the people and the country. not socialist ideas, groups, or bad science projects. things tend to go well over all and every one and region has a chance to improve. most did.

yet none do any bloviation on policy. it's always pure hatred. even the ones that live in the u.s. come from a direction hatred not policy or results.

in their defense, some are too weak-mined to think or notice on their own. with the demonrats and media pounding negativity instead of policy with results; we can't expect much else.

how ever, o'biden is so bad they still have nothing better to focus on than trump. they can't rightfully defend o'biden and they don't want to bash him like he so richly deserves, along with his party, and family. real criminals always get a free pass. further telling of the mindset so many bloviators are in.

If you actually take one or two letters from each of the above words you'll spell out his screen name. Coincidence? I don't think so laugh
gee aye , one of your more successful blogs Willy , far better to attack your fellow bloggers than your never ending mindless blogs .
Well who'd have thought it! There's the @Chesney popping up with a pithy (no s's in that) quip. laugh
@loh but there's only one 'f' so it doesn't quite do the job, does it!?
@op the fact that you as an insular and one-eyed American ignoramus know little about the rest of the world does not mean that others share your ignorance and disinterest. Without living in the Roman empire I still know a lot about Claudius and without living in San Diego or Big Sur, a lot about America, its culture, its myths, the land of McCarthyism and (shudder) its 45th president. Even about lake Wobegon! tongue
Willy, you often bring some news before anyone else does so.
I have never found you being hateful like some have been to you here.
Is there not enough hate going around these days that some of you feel the need
to attack the OP?.....thumbs down
True. My dad is Filipino-American(New Jersey). I am Filipino.
But I won't meddle or have an opinion of the U.S. government issues.
In their nation such as medical cannabis, Rowe vs. Wade. Abortion is illegal in my own country.
It won't do any good. Unless it have a direct impact on my life here in the Philippines.
@bcjen perhaps you should keep in mind the @op's topic here - is it not specifically attacking another blogger? Does that gel with your opinion?
Biden is called “leader of the free world” and this is an international website so anyone posting here should expect other people from around the world to weigh in on issues, even insane Canadian women are welcome to post here professor
Search: Rita's Weekly Reality Check on The Leader Of The Free World -
The view of Ol' Joe from the land of Oz.


The question is rhetorical & goes past this site...all the way to the back row of the internet...

The Q is.} Where is the Amerikan writer or Joe 12 pack who writes both tellingly & feelingly
About the grave policy decisions happening at
The UN...the UK...the CCCP ? ..
... corollary..) ..if there was an Amerikan Animal here
@ CStepford Institute, who- for example- focused purely on Australian Admin. ..he/ she / they...would be hooted down ( rightfully $0..
In a matter of sparkling, electrical minutes..
$ he ] blinded me w/ science. ) Dolby
Back in the USSR. ) Beatles..
Serfin in the USSR...) . ) ..tell the teacher we're
...serfin...$erfin ussr...) .not the beach boyz.
All the people in all the counties pretend to know anothers by what their news media shoves at them, books they have read, social media and neighbors. No different here nor there.
I watch videos from other lands and bemoan the fact they all look alike now. At least what is shown. I have a vision of India as the land of the Moguls. Peasants wearing saris, men working fields, riding donkeys and cows roaming everywhere. A land of exotic. Videos show cities of stores, people dressed in jeans and Ts and no caste marks anymore. I see China of the Mandarins. Reality is it looks more like New York City at Times Square.
Africa is not the land of the Watusi but of cities.
Yes, poverty exists everywhere as well as great wealth. The world of differences is mostly gone now. People around the globe deal with what they live with every day, good or bad. And think they know what others are like or have. Either they wish the other or try to salve their egos by belittling the other.
@mic curious that on a blog thread which moans about distant foreigners expressing thoughts and opinions about America, you should choose to publish youtubes, don't you agree? rolling on the floor laughing Somewhat ironic? + fox - check their bias rating... try ABC Planet America instead I suggest.
And don't ya just teddy bear Loveteddybear
The dubious source Trump ( pun International
Card being played ?

Kilowatt Yankee Hotel ..
$ez that INFLATION 1$
the printing of money w( mcZero
Metallic back up.
Ergo, ) money from Air supply.
Meanwhile ..from far away Fowler..} ..
Physics @ speed...
7553. Variety of color
..... .613. band / imprisoned.*
6940. Black ) . color removed
..* all history is an imprisoned psalm.- UFO, 15th Century.
.. hallowed be thy name ) black sabbath
Black Sunday. ) .film. 1976.
Back in black. ) AC-DC.
Black hole & revelation.) Muse.
The end. | .black eYed peas.
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