Should people care more about the cost of regular fuel at the pump or the cost of Diesel?

Diesel cost is still high so my answer is the cost of diesel is more of a concern. I think this way not just because I have a diesel powered suv but because non-rail transportation of pipeline goods is usually Diesel powered and the price is still almost double what it was in 2020.

Go ahead and think 46 is effecting lower fuel prices to benefit the common u,s, citizen but if true the lowered cost will probably disappear after mid term elections this Novembe. And meanwhile the cost of goods remains high.

The price of gas is falling doesn't mean diddly squat.

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Wasn't the price of diesel increased several years ago to discourage the use of vehicles with diesel engines? It would make sense that the price remains higher.
Nope. Diesel fuel cost is still around double what it cost when biden became president in January, 2021. Diesel powered vehicles for the longest better fuel mileage, require less maintenance and have lasted longer than other fueled vehicles and have more torque for pilling power. Better lower sulfur diesel fuel has been around for awhile now as well as better scrubbers and other emission lowering devices such as ad blue.
Well, it's been priced much higher here for several (perhaps ten) years now. I seldom see a diesel powered vehicle anymore. I remember when it was a fraction of the cost of regular gas.
hmmm I bet all those trucks in your recent freedom convoy protest are mostly diesel powered!
Biden is allowing leasing of Gulf of Mexico to oil companies in the inflation reduction act. It should happen in less than 20 days. This is a 180 for him, but what are environmentalist going to do ? Vote for Trump rolling on the floor laughing
Semis are, yes. I was referring to pickup trucks. You don't really see semis driving in the centre of cities.
Looking at that map you posted took me back to when I used to live in Alton OH & worked at Truesports up in Hilliard. I'm sure you've heard of Bobby Rahal.
True, you don't usually see semis driving in the middle of cities.
Heck yes. Rahal Inc on Lyman drive. About five miles south of my home, he's originally From medina. I've had several of my vehicles ECUs updated and tuned there.
He is allowing leases in the gulf of Mexico because he wants to explore carbon banking and eliminate cash.
Diesel Happening Today.

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Draining the US reserve may help Bidens votes . Fine keep the suckers in line with lower petrol prices while diesel reserves are lowered . Price is not the issue , more diesel is being used than refined . Putting 40 liters in a car tank is nothing . Using 60 liters hour after hour per machine is not petty change . Inflation and shortages of food will happen if the refining is not increased . There better be some smart people working on the issue .
The strategic reserves are meant for use in times of war. Not to be drained by Brandon.
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