Yes after Boris, the next prime minister of UK will be known today. Either Truss or Sunak. Everyone here is waiting to see what they will do about inflation, high energy prices, the cost of living.
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Who do you want in and what should they do to solve this problem we are facing?
I don't like either of them, but Sunak seems to have the right policies for targeting the people who need help. He has experience of financial affairs and coped with the COVID crisis. But none of them or other parties tackled the energy needs which with the correct attention and planning could have saved us from energy costs which they are now having to deal with as an emergency.
Truss will do tax cuts which is always popular with conservatives. Sunak is against this as would add to inflation. He is also not white, and maybe it's too soon for such a person to be PM. He also helped in the removal of Boris Johnson. He is very wealthy and so is his wife. It is accepted that Truss will win the vote and be PM. But her policies could go drastically wrong and destroy the Tory party.
I would argue that a man of foreign descent is the best chance Britain has. White kudos is so old-fashioned because pale skin is no longer a sign of talent, but of a silly and decadent person who doesn't know how anything works because they never needed to know.
We have to import someone who knows the value of things. That's what I think. I like the non-white attitude to debt where you take out a loan and pay for it after. And I like the non-white attitude that goes to work in spite of minor risks. Sunak didn't even want to do furlough really, it's another reason why he's so keen to pay for it.
They'll just print out and throw more money at people / businesses - to try and make up for such a lack of human solidarity.
Successive governments have been slow at aiming for self sufficiency in provision of energy and they wait till it becomes urgent before realising the fact. Then we all suffer.
Mind you partygate never really bothered me that much. I worry about the people who obeyed lockdown just as much as those that didn't - exceptions for seniors, a harsh winter can take them out but then we learn don't we.
I agree. They've been sleepwalking towards this for the past 20 years. There is no solution now so crank up the printing presses and reimburse us for the cost of successive governments incompetence.
Truss will have a difficult job next week and the public will not be sympathetic if she gets it wrong. Strikes, inflation, energy, Ukraine war, NHS.
Tomorrow is big day. It is of course subject to the Queen's approval, which is a formality.
Next week we should see action on the economy. Everyone is waiting for decisions after weeks of being run by a zombie government. The zombies have been constructing possible types of action, and these will be put before the new PM on his or her arrival.
I think Liz Truss is ready for anything.

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Another one for the Collective pee Chee
In this Country, Amerika..] . asking the Prez. Or $enator what R they going to do about Inflation.. sort of like asking mythical Santa
What he 1$ going to do about Easter.

McBob. ) .ergo, any answers will be loaded with heaping gobs of double speak Jargon monoxide.
Agent B
Yes. Here in zombie land, we will know next week how Truss will solve inflation, energy crisis, NHS, Support for Ukraine, strikes by railways, barristers, etc.
At 12:30 pm today new British PM will be known. All eyes on no.10 Downing Street at present.
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Well, no surprise here. Truss is elected by 54% of conservative members. A bit less than expected.
She meets Queen tomorrow and is officially accepted as PM. Boris moves out of no.10.
Truss now officially new PM. Boris made a farewell speech likening him to the booster section of a rocket which after serving it's purpose was jettisoned into the Pacific. He also thanked his dog, Dillon.
Many people here think that Liz Truss (PM) is a bit robotic in her speech. She maybe a product of AI, and I think she could be a Trussbot.
dunno uh oh
On Thursday Trussbot will deliver a speech on how she will deal with all the current problems. Energy prices, Health services, inflation etc
We all wait to see what is proposed.
Trussbot and the new chancellor have caused some chaos in the financial markets, and the conservative MPs have disagreed with her policy on reducing taxation of the richest people, causing her to back track and u turn. This is just the start of problems, and no doubt more trouble ahead.

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