The 'Extreme MAGA Agenda'

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you'll have to ask fuhrer o'biden and his party about that. they even kill education to help in their cause.

seems anything better for the country and citizens is against their "code". so they expand government and continue to weaponize federal agencies against the people that are apposed to being suppressed, enslaved, and cintinually endangered by communist policies.

don't worry. they'll help the illegal immigrants and terrorist regimes though. three peas in a pod. all on the same page. kill America and it's Constitution. chip away at the bill of rights while their at it. bring the country and citizens to their knees while making them pay for it.

Imbecile Emperor Joe Palpatine Doesn't Know WHY Independence Hall ...

very mad

Highlights Of Emperor Joe Palpatine's Independence Hall Speech ...

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This guy must really be a fan of ww2
sad flower
well either way, with all that demonrats have provoked, legislated, and executive ordered against the nation and citizens, i still don't quite understand how so many of my fellow citizens can't see who and what the real threats to our republic and it's systems really are.

it sure hasn't been Trump or his policies. who did trump weaponize any federal agencies against? what "groups" did he create that have rioted, looted, burned cities, and murdered law enforcement officers?

Trump certainly hasn't been running the cities and states with the highest taxes, regulations, homelessness, and soaring crime rates.

trump didn't cause the inflation, open boarders, bad educational system that's getting worse, or the soaring costs of living in general. he didn't abandon troops, surrender a country, or better equip terrorists.

he didn't create antifa or blm. he didn't encourage them to loot, riot, burn, and murder. it wasn't trump that let our SCOTUS members stay under physical threat because they were taking power away from the federal government either.

and people think fuhrer o'biden is in their corner? he and his communist party need as many useful idiots as they can muster to keep control and power to further force their damages onto the people and nation. they're not done killing democracy or freedom. they're just beginning. he basically stated that in not so direct words in that "speech". they just need a certain tens of millions of people out of the way because the rest are dumb enough to climb on board.
So now Pedo Joe is backpedaling, since doesn’t stand for anything he can say whatever they tell him to and deny that he was trying to scare everyone about MAGA. doh
RIZ! heh heh. rolling on the floor laughing
Poor Rizzie!rolling on the floor laughing comfort
Ya'll be easily fooled by memes & TV gibberings..
..being deaf to the speech ( and we mean it....wink
.eYe focused on the view / color scheme...

Red } .$wift.
Souls of black ) . Testament
C... KILLER JOE ) . Rocky Fellers
.2. .T V party ) .black Flag
1. .did you hear me ? ) Red light district

McNote. ) ..and the 2 .right & Left wing marines...stood there & did most obedient govt. Bureacrat$..

But Seriously & Silly Pics Aside -

The Don puts out a Positive Message of MAGA = Make America GREAT for ALL its people

OTOH - Ol' Joe has now dropped the his pants & shown his Tyranical Áss -

He's a venomous snake spitting hateful, divisive, toxic threatening vitriol against a significant number of his "subjects" in an arguably Treasonous, Marxist-esque attempt to turn countrymen Against One Another in order that he may seize & exert ever increasing levels of Despotic Power.

Remember In November, Y'all - Vote R.E.D. = Remove Every "Democrat"*

* "Democrat" really no longer works - The Democratic Party Is Dead ...
Call 'em what they've now Shown Themselves to BE - MARXISTS.... very mad

Sooo ...
Is This when some troll drags Yet Another blog down the Asinine & Irrelevant MIC'S NOT INDEPENDENT!! Rabbit Hole? ... MMmmm?? ... dunno

You like $ports ? .. is the scoreboard.
The accomplish + mints of maga Publicans
In select [ read , important ] .Cities.
L A...... rhymes w/ zero.
Sacramento... rhymes w/ NO.
Chicago...can you say, zero ?
Seattle......NO. x zero = 0.
Newark, Camden, Trenton, Neptune....0
..liner Note. ) ...this list would yet be 99% accurate if our current Time was 1952, 9th moon. ) ....
L A $ T *... district of Columbia. NO x NO x O....

* Lmtd Attn $pan theater.
Now, $ubstitute INFLUENCE for accomplish...

McMeaning. ) .the Spectre of right Wing policy people 1$ arguably 101% .TV dependent...
And 103% RADIOH Dependent...
..bee Cause .right Wing politicks has YET to roll back Government fraud & Largesse... ANYWHERE !!?!!!
As opposed to the "Accomplishments" of Ol' Joe & his ANTI-MAGA Marxists -
In just under 1 1/2 Minutes ...

And from ..{ .folk tales from the Crypt.

" I ask you to remember,
Yup. And conversely the heroism / underdog slash Everyman Democrat blue collar image of the
$tubborn donkey 1$ .TEN Thousand per Cent
Time Magazine
NY Times
$t. Louis Globe Democrat
Rolling Stone
Sports Illustrated
ABC / Disney
Rockefeller Univ. & Foundations.
NBC, CBS...CNN..PB$...
Laurel Canyon | Hollywood
Bel Air /.L A.
Et Cetera......see ) Input - Output.
..note. ) ..and there be much more // Rome.
Last note...on the big donkey projection on a screen.

If you were 33 to 44 per Cent hip to
GEORGE magazine of yester year* & it's Founder.
John- John. ] ..then you knew that all the hope
& Majesty of the Underdog magic D.
Rested squarely on that 37 year old photo play
Day Dream ) John Kennedy Jr. [ D. NY.
...( .and that helps 2 explain his exp. Date.) .
* .makes an excellent search...for bored readers..
Hypocritical Marxists are Typically Spawning Their Hate & Division -
Denouncing MAGAs as "A Threat To Our Democracy" by Not Accepting Election Results very mad

Get a Load of the Crap THOSE Shit Stirrin' Sick Bastards - & their Scumbag MSM -
Were Spewing after the Election Of '16 ...

doh ... DAYUM!!! ... Talk 'bout PROJECTING!!

rolling on the floor laughing

Ol' Joe -
The Stench Of A Desperate Man Worried His Grip On Power Is Loosening -
The Symptom Of A Country Now In Civilization Decline ...
sad flower
"It's An Act Of Desperation - Even Blind Freddie Could See That."

Ever the Historian, I'll remind you Thespians
Several books & interviews [ C span, anyone
Have covered the Electrical $henanigans of the 1960...64..& 68..$elections..
( .hint. ) .. politicks is dirty .. always..
After Four Years of the bloodiest war in US History -
Lincoln sought to Heal his divided country, urging Magnanimity towards the Confederacy -
Even its Political Leaders & Generals.
"With malice towards none, but Charity for all ... "

"Unifier" Emperor Joe & the Marxist J6 Committee seize the opportunity of a Four HOUR Riot to attack their MAGA Political Opponents as Enemies Of The State -
Ala Stalin, Mao & that Austrian Corporal with the funny li'l mustache ...

Contrast between Joe Palpatine's Hellish, Dark Marxist lashing out at 1/2 of Murkuns devil

And Rousing Trump Rallies - Woodstock-Like Celebrations for Adults party

'Crat/Marxist Political Strategists Must Be INSANE!!! ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

A revealing look into The Don's Virtues vs Woke Communism - aka WokeComs
in just under 18 minutes ...

I wish you guys would quit comparing Bidden to the Bohemian Corporal; Bidden never even made private as far as I know. In may ways the other "Joe" would be more appropriate, except Stalin made his own agenda and didn't buy his way to power.
Abuse Mexicans and African people. Make fun of Asian people. Deprecate women. Start a trade war with China (and lose it). Don't believe in COVID until half of NY dies. Be as childish as you can. How come you forgot about those few points on the great MAGA agenda?
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