Why does people look for sex more than love

Can someone tell me why do people search for sex more than love
I had people asking me only about sex how do i do it .
To be true i never had sex before okay .
So that's way i don't understand and i'm not ready to have sex yet
I know that i'm a Les so it's easy to have sex, but hey you i'm shy.girl i repect girls.
So please tell me why sex inprotant than love.

waiting for asks
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perverts their everywhere trust noone .professor
It's all some people can talk about. Don't worry about it. Stick to people and topics you feel comfortable with grin
Compensation, and limited intellectual capacity.
The urge for sex is a primal instinkt when love is a collective force of all your beeing.
If a person is only focused on sex and he/she predominantly bases all forms of communication based on that then they have no intelligence and their brains are beyond intellectual capabilities nor are they capable of developing a understanding for the complexities of human emotions.

To sum it all up:
"Anyone that acts and reasons like mentioned in your blog is a dumba** and they deserve a good swift kick in the bloody head"
Jacques thumbs up
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