In a pig's ear

Why did that phrase pop into mind just now? Pigs might fly?
As it happens I am this very moment eating sliced pig's ear (which I do quite regularly, with relish - nothing to do with chutney!). 'In a pig's ear' I see is largely UK/OZ usage meaning 'not bluddy likely!'
Well as it happens, in a pig's ear there is gelatinous skin and cartillage; it is served cold soused (pun intended) in oil and soy sauce I guess, with shredded shallot and shredded carrot, maybe some dill too.
But I have forgotten why it popped into mind - probably something preposterous written here! rolling on the floor laughing

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This image seems to be with mustard - that's probably a French perversion! Mine is a Chinese delicacy, but you might think otherwise.
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Stop writing pretentious bollocks, carcass breath! rolling on the floor laughing
Can I just have a spoon and tin of cold baked beans please...

Followed by any old wine or alcoholic liquid of sin..

Be sure that I won't make a 'pig's ear' of meeting you!

I'm vegetarian. I like lettuce ears and nerdy men. If you don't like me or The Beatles, then.... Bollocks! laugh
'Nowegian Noodles' laugh

One of my students is very pretty and bright with an adopted English name of 'Michelle' - I have to pinch myself to stop me bursting out in song! A 77 year old guy with a lousy voice singing online 'Michelle ma belle, sont les mots qui vont tres bien ...' should surely be arrested don't you think!? I am very well behaved in lessons, but this is a blog!!! I remember vividly where I was when I heard the news of John Lennon... but I was probably listening to Supertramp or Mark Knopfler or The Basement Tapes or The Band - The Last Waltz.

And I can even go half a day without a pork chop or a steak.
Musically I'm kinda stuck back in the 60s 70s 80s - have never really moved on, but maybe Tom Waits and marginally Eric Clapton count? Well maybe not since he harks back to 1962 as does our Nobel Laureate Bob!

To top it off my daughter specialises in Les Paul and Mary Ford, Kurt Weill, and Hoagy
Heh! You must have a lot of patience to want to educate children to speak all those foreign languages!!

(Sorry for being an English thicko!) But my mother was German (died when I was 6). Met my dad while he was serving in the RAF... She kept telling him to F##k Off but still!!! Married and spawned! laugh
Every swear word has a consequence maybe!

Oh I like Kurt Vile, like a modern day Neil Young...

Peace Dude!!! Quite hypnotic methinks!

Welcome back Hoverfly!!!
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