Going back to change the course of history... regardless of the repercussions

Time travel has always been an interest of mine. The 1960 movie The Time Machine being a favorite, except H.G. Wells went forward so nothing in the present was affected.

The 1985 movie Back to the Future always had the element of 'fixing things' that were disturbed from their time travel visits.

Yesterday while returning home I was doing the speed limit and went through an intersection under a yellow light. Could I have stopped? Probably, but I had model helicopters and gear in the back, so I carried on. Cross traffic still had a red light. However, a car leaving a gated community was charging the intersection ignoring the 'right turn on red law' that states AFTER a full stop. Realizing if he didn't brake, my car would be struck on the right side, I leaned on my horn and pressed the accelerator hoping to clear the intersection a second sooner.
It worked, Obviously, the driver wasn't paying attention, but I got him to brake and actually turn away from my path. Good thing or he would have struck my car directly and I would have spent the afternoon in the hospital, go through months of physical therapy and weeks of car repairs.

I was watching some LED ZEPPELIN videos and as many remember, when John Bonham died in 1980, so did Zeppelin. Sure, each of them continued musically, but their collective careers stopped.
What if I could change history... What if I was there and hired a body guard to follow John's every move and keep him from drinking excessively... the reason for his death.
John would have survived, history would have changed, Zeppelin would have released 6 more albums, etc, etc, etc... the repercussions would be immense.

On a smaller scale, 20 years ago, while driving to work one morning where highway traffic slowed, if I would have been in a different lane, I would have missed the woman on her cellphone that caused a 4 car pileup sending me to the hospital causing years of back pain.

That's a good start. I could think of other personal events I would like to have changed along the way!
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Good idea but not possible. However here's what is possible. If we do nothing then certain events will take place which we will look back on and say "pity somebody didn't do something to prevent that".
Now think of some of the despots from the past, then think of some of the current ones. We can change the 'Future' and people will look back and say "thank goodness for Mr.Chat".
I have always lived by the motto, things happen for a reason....

The only thing I would have done differently....is to appreciate what I had much more than I did. Take a look at the little things in life and smell the roses along the way....much more than I did.

As far as changing the world...I leave that up to the real heroes...
I remember when my father was hospitalized and the doctors gave him less than 48 hours to survive.

The city sent a citation to cut my lawn which is something I didn't have time for. Coincidentally, the guy I had used in the past, drove by and saw the lawn needing to be cut, so I hired him.
Recalling the event, it was afternoon and his mower hit a water faucet pipe at the back of my property. Water was gushing out and I shut the water off at the meter. I went to Home Depot for parts to fix the broken pipe, but It was getting too dark to work. There was a rusted section that needed removal... everything had to wait for morning.
I got up early, gathered my pipe wrench and tools and tried again to remove that section of broken pipe. It took much longer than expected, but I was able to fit a new section with a new faucet.
After I turned on the water, the next thing was to shower and get to the hospital.

As I closed the door, I could hear my phone ringing, so I turned back. It was the hospital, my father passed away and I had to do the formality of identifying the body.

It bothered me I wasn't there earlier. The nurses already cleaned him up awaiting my appearance. Discussing this with my ex-wife, she said the delay having to fix the pipe happened for a reason.

Perhaps she was right.
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