Jesse Owens pierced a myth

For most athletes, Jesse Owens' performance one spring afternoon in 1935 would be the accomplishment of a lifetime. In 45 minutes, he established three world records and tied another.
Owens won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics.

But that was merely an appetizer for Owens. In one week in the summer of 1936, on the sacred soil of the Fatherland, the master athlete humiliated the master race.

Owens' story is one of a high-profile sports star making a statement that transcended athletics, spilling over into the world of global politics. Berlin, on the verge of World War II, was bristling with Nazism, red-and-black swastikas flying everywhere. Brown-shirted Storm Troopers goose-stepped while Adolf Hitler postured, harangued, threatened. A montage of evil was played over the chillingly familiar Nazi anthem: "Deutschland Uber Alles."

This was the background for the 1936 Olympics. When Owens finished competing, the African-American son of a sharecropper and the grandson of slaves had single-handedly crushed Hitler's myth of Aryan supremacy.

He gave four virtuoso performances, winning gold medals in the 100- and 200- meter dashes, the long jump and on America's 4x100 relay team. Score it: Owens 4, Hitler 0.

A remarkably even-keeled and magnanimous human being, Owens never rubbed it in. Just as sure as he knew fascism was evil, he also knew his country had a ways to go too in improving life for African-Americans.

"When I came back to my native country, after all the stories about Hitler, I couldn't ride in the front of the bus," Owens said. "I had to go to the back door. I couldn't live where I wanted. I wasn't invited to shake hands with Hitler, but I wasn't invited to the White House to shake hands with the President, either."

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To be fair I don't think Hitler shook hands with any of the other winners unlike FDR. Hitler's attitude towards the Olympics was one of contempt; this is how people compete when they're so not the master race; an insipid globalist invention that caricatures manhood. In Hitler's eyes only war can decide who the real men are and what the master race is.
Very good story of a great man! thumbs up
And at the end of the day the Nazis were first and foremost antisemitic which is something different to a classic racist. It was a racism aimed at people more successful than you are just in general. But on the other hand the swastika was indian, the only Buddhist temple in Europe at the time was in Nazi Germany, and the only non-white country involved in the war fought for the nazis. There were Americans racist in the same way - Henry Ford for example - but it was closer to this than Jim Crow.
And even in Europe fascism was more latin than aryan and the allies the whitest people on the planet. Every other aryan country tried to stop Hitler which is rather ironic. What made Nazi Germany so dangerous is that they did a latin thing - fascism - but they were not latin charlatans themselves - it was a fascism done by people who knew how to get things done. Fascism is supposed to be a style guru, a cool dude that nevertheless can't really do anything in the real world - but the Germans gave it substance.
Every aryan apart from the Irish who took the view that any enemy of Britain is a friend of mine. The last people to surrender the Nazi fortifications on D-Day were not Germans, but Irishmen.
And Quisling in Norway but they were not in the position to do much else. Irish nationalists and Norwegian quislings supported the menace to Europe but most Aryans did not.
And it troubles me the things cool to the Nazis are cool to us now. Kiss me I'm Irish, buddhism and borrowing symbols from the far east, superstars rock stars basically men who truly know how to command the media. You'd think the Nazis were like Texas rednecks when no they were not really. Hitler's problem was never with the blacks, it was always the Jews.
Mel Gibson and Braveheart is a more accurate depiction of what the Nazis were about. Apart from the Jews Europe was too homogeneous to be racist like the Americans. It's diversity that causes people to judge others that much by the colour of their skin, your skin becomes your uniform amongst people who have no roots. The biggest and most superficial racism will arise where nobody is a native.
And we can see that very much on America today. What black and white mean has changed - certainly in some circles - but being judged by the colour of your skin has not. If anything being judged by the colour of your skin has become more of a thing and why would it be otherwise? Judging someone's skin goes with declining intellectualism and declining ability to concentrate, it fits with being shallow and narcissistic.
Antisemitism was the socialism in national socialism. Take from the rich Jews and give it to the poor Germans. Everything wrong with capitalism can be explained by the Jews. There was even some early Nazis who said they didn't want Germans lending money at an extortionate rate of interest neither, and Hitler had them quickly killed. Anti-semitism was the way of saving face after you've lost, classic racism was not the socialism of fools or a way of protecting non-jewish bankers it didn't try to disguise punching down as anything other than punching down. The Nazis were an attack on elites of some sort, if you could get rid of the Jews then you'd get rid of the global conspiracy to keep Germany down. Lynching black people was never thought of like this.
Hitler's influence from ancient Greece was not Athens with it's democracy and it's Olympic games, it was the Spartan 300 created by throwing the defective down the well.
Thank you Owens if you were alive today I would be proud to shake your hand.
Congratulations on winning and breaking records, Owens you showed them!....handshake

Thanks for the information re Nazism.

Thanks for your comments highlighting the performance of Jesse Owens.

He was a pioneer heralding the top performance of black athletes today, both male and female.
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