Chapter 2. [ .up dated.

..the ] work Expanding so to fill..
Time available for it's Completion.- Parkinson 2.
..the sober 2nd thought of the people shall be
Law. - Fisher Ames 1789ish.
...2nd chapter Com. Manifesto..
( Re imagined for a California Democrat.)
...the FIRST $tep in the revolution by the working class is to raise the $an Franciscan to the position of Ruler Class, to win the battle for DEMOCRACY. [ !?
..The Ruling Class will use it's politick $upremacy to wrest, by degrees, all Capitol from the Fresno class..
To centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the the Advanced States, the following will be Generally Applicable...
..2. heavy progressive Tax.
.3.. abolition of many "rights."
5... An Exclusive Monopoly on bank & credit.( $ee Fed. Reserve Not.)
....6. Central ization of Communication & Transport.
....4. Confiscate property of maga & R types.
10. Free Edumacations for children...
....11..] . Universal Health
12. .. planned Parenthood..( dbl speak..
13 .. glorious propaganda across muy platforms
...and big number 1..w/ a bullet..
NO Private Property..( . except the Ruling Class.
...clear Example of Ruling propaganda...
Truth. ) Washington
.eYe know they Lie. ) 5 Amerikans
Will Do. ) TV on the radio
..sin Tax. } That's how heartache is made.) Baby Washington.
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There are at Least 3... statutory & obligatory
Road blocks to Amerikan Communism...
Re, Albertsons Claim..168 N. E 2d. 242..
..Communist Party is to be deprived of all the
Rights, priveleges & immunities that other such Entities have...[ .1960
And U S C title 50...has elaborative chapters
Art. 4. Sec. 4 ... allegedly to Guarantee to every state a Republican form of Govt. ( Hint, Law- not mobs, not Parties, not NGO's...not secret Jurisprudence.)
..Ergo, in the wild Wilder World of Western Civ.
..why is the California pool man the only hip party to the Legal ramifications..? ..
Airplanes } Bob
.bullet to the head. ) R A M
Agent Orange. ) .R E M.
..syn Tax. ) . chemical war..) dead Kennedys
McNote. ) .TV party ) black Flag.
...No more color parental Advisory....
Bad. ) M. Jackson
Black dots..) ... Bad Brains
Rubber Factory. ) Black keys
Black parade ) .my Chemical Romance
The choice is yours. ) .black sheep
..syn Tax. } . Blackwater Park. ) Opeth.
McNote. | No more Color. ) .the Coroner.
Lmtd. Attn..span. theatre...

Late registration. ) West.
.it's too Late. ) .King.
If you're reading this its Too Late. ) .Drake.
..a. r. ) ..out of Time. ) .blur.
I'm sure you are not the only one, you're just the only one talking about it. professor
Hey happy...wave

Blacks Law, continued...CA Edition

Hope downs . ) . rolling blackouts..

Today in the big F....113 F° .[ ..!
. yesterday................110

(... significant peeps within the serf class population
..are finally getting primed on Geo Engineering of the
Environment...) ..
McNote..) 1st day in CA .[ Needles
..4th week of July, was 117 F°
Update....115F° ... predicted for 3 pmish...
Which should be a new record high...sigh
New record high...but local OFFICIAL$...not
Yet saying if it's going to be 114 or 115 F° .

The heat is ON . ) Isley Brothers
..heat Treatment. ) .Parker
.2 HOT. ) Peaches & Herb.
1. Hell of a Spell ) Sahm.
...also ran. ) .BURN. ) deep Purple.
F E M A update [ .with Iron.

The irony is her initials are C S..
And she does not write...[ But has given several interviews..] . Celeste Solum, 20 year former
FEMA policy wonk.
.America is gone. Just like eYe told you on so many occasions...Rather, Amerika has become a really bad Version of Grand Theft Auto - Mike Snyder

No private property, No private gun near and moving @ speed.
And yet you stayed. professor

I believe it was in July, 1970 I was in Arizona and it was 110 and we all
turned around and came right back to
People born in 1990 or 2000...
... would not believe ( .from just the telling..
How good Southern Cal .was in 1970...
And having just arrived from TX...the startling thing to this 13 year old...was just how much open un developed land there still was.
In reverse, eYe sometimes try to imagine what the Rose bowl crowd of Jan. 1, 1960 would do
If they were hypno- Shocked at halftime by the
Likes of Mike Jackson or Madonna..( ie, dreadful super bowl acts of the wikki-woke. ) that image, I have Super man, batman, the green hornet & Lt. Frank Drebin coming out of the crowd to arrest & detain said performers...with substantial prejudice.
... standby..
I remember feeling the same way about undeveloped land. Driving across Kansas and down through New Mexico. Land lots of land and praying you would make it to the next gas station.
Indeed...just to clarify. I meant undeveloped land specifically in Orange County CA..esp, Placentia & Yorba Linda ..circa 8 / 01 / 1970.
For example ..our new home was just a stone's throw from about 10 acres of Orange Groves...which were then developed in 24 months.
Revelation 2 happened in Oct. 1970...when we went to Disney Land. Turns out our address was but 6 and a half freeway minutes from 1313 Harbor Blvd., front gate of the magic Kingdom.
I've been there, my ex had relatives in CA so we visited often. I wasn't that impressed. The beaches were huge, too big for me. Las Vegas, we just drove right through. A few things have impressed me... the Grand Canyon...awesome!! The sun in Florida is not the same sun we get in Illinois I got sun poisoning just walking on the beach one afternoon. Another thing that impressed me were how friendly and nice people were in Georgia, that's one place I would live. I remember sitting in a park and the squirrels coming up and sitting beside me, wanting a snack, and the park provided everyone with bags of snacks for the squirrels. It was a huge park too. So peaceful and beautiful.

I liked Wyoming, Utah and Idaho too. Now on the east side NJ where you're couldn't pay me to live there again. The only good thing about it was the sunrise coming up over the ocean every morning when I walked to work, I walked on the boardwalk... I loved the quiet mornings. Just a few people fishing. I think summer was June and July and then instantly it seemed we were snowed in. They didn't bother to clean the snow from the roads. I hated driving in the snow there, then you couldn't find a place to park. They just pushed the snow up into the middle of the street, it was a 5 ft drift right down the middle.

Another place I was a little disappointed with was St. Augustine Florida. My grandpa's sister lived there, sweet lady. But I never got to meet her but she would write and send pictures of how beautiful it was there. The last letter we got from her she was 96 and was mad cause she was going to have to go into a nursing home. St. Augustine is suppose to be the oldest city in the US, when I finally got to go there it was the biggest tourist town I've ever been in. Also trying to talk outside was almost impossible because the ocean was so loud.

I've always been glad to come back to IL., the southern part, not Chicago.
...eYe feel ya...) .. Germany 1977 & 78 ..was the most beautiful weather and geography I've ever seen. Winter was kind of mild that year.
After just 48 hours of Germany, eYe figured out
Why the DoD/ Army..etc. stayed there $0 long after
The war. ..[ .Generals like to do colonels & other career Lifers.
U see, from my point of view. Army Life was not about "service" was about playing cold war
& Touring as often as possible.
Bob read part of "Waggling the moon doggie", I said part, as it looks like I could keep reading until Christmas there is so much to read.
Very interesting for sure, thank you for pointing this out to me Bob...................jenny................wave
No problemO BC...

Dave McGowan [ late.
Is addictive.
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