A shrill strident voice here seems to have fallen silent

or have been silenced. Wasn't me this time! And the offensive blog thread also seems to have disappeared. I may be mistaken of course (I have a vague recollection of something she wrote) but heck take what you are dealt and smile as though they are Aces!
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It became very cocky it did
Let me point out that the people here who write blogs about 'Ol Joe' are only marginally less abusive - they are certainly in the same vein. America seems to be a basket case this century, sadly.
Interesting how the media have adopted the custom of referring to the keepers of the country, custodians of the country - bring on a treaty (200 years late!). 1972 and the tent Embassy.
I agree Mr Fargo thumbs up

If you have a different opinion to those lunatics they turn very vile
Australia is not so far from this degree of polarisation, this division, but far enough, thankfully! The world outside America sees how they are descending into this vortex of hate, but America doesn't, so it seems; it's a pretty bad outlook.
You seem to have enough hate to participate in the hate that you hate comfort
@ray what nonsense you write - I hate nothing.
Since @ray650 insists on using the ignorant abbreviation for paedophilia his last post will be removed from my threads and I will continue to report him for offensive language and misuse of the blogs.
Yes I understand what you are saying, our great leader doesn’t bother children Joe is fighting for the soul of this great republic cheering applause cheering
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